3 Fitness watches with smart alerts for under $200

June 2, 2017

For those of you looking to get in shape, you’ll obviously be aware that doing so is far from easy. Getting fit and healthy takes a great deal of time, dedication, commitment, knowledge, and discipline. Not only that, but it also requires a little help and assistance. Due to the fact that modern technology is now more advanced than ever, the good news is that your help and assistance won’t actually have to come from a person at all, it can come from a fitness watch.


With information readily available at the tap on a wrist style device, you can easily find data on how active you have been on a daily, weekly and monthly basis at the tip on your wrist, which can motivate you to reach your goals by walking an extra 10 minutes or walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift.


For sure, wearing a fitness tracker will keep you honest and mindful of how many steps are taken – which is a great start to a healthier lifestyle.


Over the years, the activity trackers have evolved and improved since the pedometer days. Not only are the wearable techs more ‘smarter’, the fitness devices are more accurate, more versatile, more comfortable and offer more information about your body movements.


Plus many of the best fitness watches can be synced or paired with smartphones, which provides a more detailed insight into your daily activity habits from calories burned, resting heartbeat, sleep pattern and more.


If you’re looking for a fitness watch complete with smart alerts, then look no further as we’ll now be looking at three fantastic watches which are all available for under 200 bucks.


Fitbit Charge 2 – To begin with we have a name which is synonymous with the wearable fitness tech industry – Fitbit. The Fitbit Charge 2 retails at around $149, it is a very modern and very stylish wristband/watch design, and it is very user-friendly. The tracker will allow users to track target heart rates, track activity and calories, and get a better breakdown of their overall fitness levels. What’s more, the device is packed full of helpful smart alerts and notifications. You can see calendar, call, and text alerts clearly via the OLED display, so you will never miss a call or message again, even whilst training. The tracker offers guided breathing sessions, sleep tracking, Smart Track Auto exercise recognition, and much more.


Garmin Vivosmart HR + – If you’re looking for a stylish fitness tracker packed full of smart features, this is ideal for you and amongst the three activity trackers listed here, the Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is considered the best fitness watch with smart alert capability. The Vivosmart HR + retails at around $179.99, it comes in 3 color choices, 2 size choices, and fantastic Smart fitness tracking features. It monitors calories burnt, offers different target heart rate zones, syncs wirelessly with smart devices, and offers advanced running metrics. The MOVE IQ features are especially impressive, as the Vivosmart will automatically track and recognize whichever activity it is that you happen to be doing. It is rugged, offers call, text, and calendar alerts and reminders, it looks great, and it is built to last.


Fitbit Alta HR – Finally we’ll take a look at the Fitbit Alta HR. Users have 6 color choices to select from, as well as 3 size options. At just over $149, this really is a fantastic bargain that is more than worth every single cent. The device offers advanced heart rate tracking, sleep stage monitoring, text, call, and calendar alerts when it wirelessly syncs to your other smart devices, and more besides. For times when you are slacking, it even offers move reminders to encourage you to become active. Users can easily track distance traveled, steps taken, calories burnt, active minutes, the list just keeps on going and going. With the ability to wirelessly sync to over 200 smart devices including phones and tablets, it really is one of the most advanced fitness trackers currently available.


There you have it, three fitness watches with smart notifications and all three devices are under $200.  Whether it is for general activity tracking, heart rate recording and even sleep monitoring, every bit of data is there on your wrist. Best of all, these fitness trackers will conveniently notify you of incoming calls, test messages and social media alerts. That means no more missed calls at a work or at a busy shopping complex.


But before you pull your wallet out, make sure you have in mind the kind of capabilities you require out of a fitness watch.  Only the best fitness tracker device will suit your personal needs and taste in the design. So do your research as it is an individual preference.

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