The 4-week Routine of Workout for Beginners

March 8, 2017

Whether you are a newbie or you have just returned to gym after a long period of break. This plan of workout plan will definitely improve your shape and fitness in only four weeks.

In term of fitness, this three-month program has its own reputation. They are easily found in lots of fitness magazines, of course, for a positive reason. In recent years they have received lots of positive reviews and confirmation as one of the most effective in helping appliers maintain good shape. This article, however, is going to introduce much more effective methods which will take place in just 4 weeks.

It is common knowledge that this program is not the one that rules all other common, and definitely not the only one that can help you maintain your shape. However, it surely can help you overcome the challenging first months when you are on the way to build foundations for upcoming gains.

To put it another way, this program is a guide for beginner’s body building. This plan builds a very challenging training schedule yet still moderates enough to avoid burnout or injuries. It starts with simple exercises in a few first weeks then gradually increase its intensity in the next three or four weeks with difficult exercises and high intensity.

Only by 4 weeks of the program, you are able to build your muscles quality to deal with any challenge. If not, your body can also get in better shape when you apply this program.

Despite the fact that we have mentioned this as a guide for beginners this program is not just for beginners. It can work as well for many people who decide to get back to gym after a long leave. Perhaps you have experienced a serious injury which you cannot continue your training in a long period of time, and now you want to start over as fast as possible, then this program is your choice. It certainly helps you restart in only 4 weeks.

The First Week: Whole In 1

You will start this program with the so-called full-body split which means you will train all of your main body parts in each exercise. You will train 3 days in the first week, conducting only one exercise for one body part in every session. It is essential for you to have one day off between workouts to let your body recover; This helps training Mon, Wed, and Fri — with Sat and Sun being days-off — a good method.

That exercises mentioned in the first week are a combination of simple basic moves which, despite using many hard exercises, is also suitable for newbie as well. Remember that we do not start your training with just machine exercises; lots of many free-weight movements have been presented in the first week. On these accounts, these are known as exercises you may need to be good at for results in strength and muscular size, therefore you should start training right now as well. Read the exercise descriptions carefully before trying them by yourself.

In the first week, you will conduct a total of 3 sets of exercises which will increase to 9 sets for every body part. Apart from crunches, you have to perform 8 to 12 reps every set. The rep plan is widely known as ideal for gaining in size of muscle (scientific term – hypertrophy) which is widely applied by pro bodybuilders and amateur alike.

Pay attention to these workouts below which the first set requires eight reps, the second set is 10 reps, the third is set 12. Meaning bodybuilding circles is considered as some sorts of “reverse pyramid” (the normal pyramid from high to low reps) in which you lose weight every set in order to finish its upper rep count. If in the first set in lat pulldowns having used about 140 pounds in 8 reps, then you should try 120 – 130 pounds when conducting set two, likewise, 100 to 120 pounds during the last set.

The Second Week: Split Decision

You are just a week taking this program, and you will start to train many different body parts by applying two-day split which means your body is exercised over the two-day schedule of 2 days instead of one day like what you have done in Week 1. You will have to train in four days in this second week; this split has 2 upper days (Mon and Thurs) and 2 lower days (Tues and Fri), and every body part gets trained twice. Wed, Sat, and Sun are the recovery days.

A few exercises in the first week are seen again in the second week, however, each body part has one more move — except abs — therefore you can practice all your muscle groups from many different angles. Chest has two more exercises: the first is compound movement (dumbbell bench press) which involves many joints (both elbow and shoulder) to work to the maximum of the muscle, and the latter is isolation practice (dumbbell flye) which involves just a joint (shoulder), head to the pecs in another extent. (When pressing for chest, triceps and deltoids combine to each other and therefore presses do not distance the pecs as flyes usually do.)

You will again apply the reverse pyramid plan of reps, although in the second week you will continue higher in the reps 15 when conducting the third set of every exercise. 15 reps is just beyond the perfect muscle-building length, however, these sets can help you enhance muscular endurance in order to build a firm foundation to build strength and size.

The Thirst Week: 3 On 3

In the Week 3 in this program we plan it to be three-day split: perform on all “pushing” parts (chest, triceps, shoulders) on the first day; hit “pulling” parts (biceps, back) as well as abs on the second day; work out on the lower body (calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes) on the third day. In the second week, you will train every part of your body twice, which mean you will have to practice gym for 6 days a week.

Another new exercise will be added to every body part so that your body will perform in more angles that help train muscles and develop completely. You will hit every muscle group by 2 exercises of 3 or 4 sets every: 4 sets for big body parts (shoulders, chest, back, quads or hamstrings) and 3 sets for average body parts (abs, biceps, triceps, calves). The outcome is 16 sets in one week for big body parts, 12 sets for average ones — also, working in 8 to 15 reps length — that appears to be a significant volume increase compared to Week 1.

The Last Week: Increase Volume

In this 4 and last week, you have to train 4 days in the 4-way split which hits each part only once (apart from abs and calves that have to be trained twice). This 4-day splits has been very popular in the world of professional lifters because it involves performing fewer parts (just 2–3) a day that gives muscle groups enough attention and enables you to perform with high intensity.

As you can see, triceps and chest are being paired up, just as biceps with back, hamstrings with quads, every of them is a prevalent pairing among professional bodybuilders. Shoulders will be trained by themselves, and you will alternate hitting abs and calves— that can respond very well to having been trained lots of times a week — each other workout. There are no new or hard exercises being conducted in the last week in order that you concentrate more on intensity rather than learning new exercises.

Rep plans still remain in hypertrophy range in the last week; however, overall volume will increase by adding sets to personal exercises: 5 sets a move for big body parts, 10 sets for calf increases on Thurs. This increase in volume ensures that the muscles are overworked sufficiently in order to continue its growth that has been started in the last 3 weeks. Finishing the 4-week program allows you to move up to another step.

Final thoughts

The program is not only for beginners who have little to no exposure to gym but also for those who want to return to gym after a long period of leaving. Finishing this program and you will be able to move up to another step, as well as build quality muscles and strengthen the core. Core training helps build muscles in pelvis, hips, abdomen, also lower back so that they can work together much more smoothly. This can not only build strength but improve stability and balance as well. Regardless of play or work, many sports in particular and physical activities, in general, rely much on stability and strength in the core muscles.

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