5 Dead Giveaways You’re A Runner And Not Used To The Gym Scene

November 15, 2017

Running is a major part of your life. You can’t get through a day without going for at least a little jog and given the benefits, who can blame you? But now you are beginning to hit the gym, whether to stay out of inclement weather or to provide you with a bit of variation to break up your routine.

While you may think you are as inconspicuous as any other gym goer, chances are they have pegged you as a running fanatic. Here are five dead giveaways that you’re a runner who isn’t used to being at the gym.

1. You Are Decked Out In All Your Running Gear

You spent $500 on your breathable and reflective outfit, goofy and squishy running shoes, with your fitness watch ablaze. By golly, you are going to use that stuff, even at the gym! You take breathable fitness wear to a whole new level.

There is nothing wrong with choosing to wear your running gear to the gym. Not only is it going to be high quality but it is what you are used to working out in. Just keep in mind that if you are having a strength day it might be worth getting a separate pair of shoes that will help you stay balanced while planting your feet for lifting heavy weights.

2. The Treadmill Is Yours…You Live There Now

It is going on almost an hour and you are in the zone. You have hit the runner’s high and as far as you are concerned you are the only person in the gym. You are at peace, you are zen…but the person who has been waiting for the past fifteen minutes to use your machine is feeling less than relaxed.

While there is nothing wrong with having a long run on a treadmill, it is considered bad manners to keep on a machine while others are waiting for a turn. If you are going for longer than 40 minutes you should consider going early or late, when there are fewer people around and more treadmills available.

3. Foam Rollers Are Your Holy Grail

Recovery after a workout is a critical part of being healthy and keeping injuries at bay. But when you run you know the agony in your thighs and calves and you are probably mostly concerned with working out those sore muscles and easing the ache.

Once you are off your run you probably spend as much time as possible with those foam rollers. Chances are you are a bit too enthusiastic about how much you love them, too. Other gym goers are likely to be glancing over and wondering when the wedding will be (since you obviously love them enough to marry them).

4. Your Arms and Legs Don’t Match Up

When it comes to strength training your arms, you have a long ways to go. Core and legs get lots of attention when you’re running but your arms can often feel a little neglected. So when you finally get to the gym and lift a few free weights, you might find yourself stuck with 8-10 pounders. Yes, others will notice your dainty arm strength. Give it time and remain consistent and you’ll easily build up to lifting heavier weights.

On the other hand, jaws are going to drop when you hit that leg press machine. Runners who hardly utilize the gym tend to hop on a leg press machine and bust out some serious weight lifting. Thanks to your over developed glutes and hamstrings, you’ll probably have no problem popping a few 45 pound plates onto the leg press machine and going to town on them. They all laughed at your tiny arms..well who’s laughing now!?

5. You Are Only There When The Weather Is Bad

Gym rats go almost every day. Rain or shine. They start to notice who is around and when, even if they don’t pay attention to what it is they are doing there. So if you are only coming in when it is raining, or there is a heavy snowfall, or it is 99 F+ outside, they are gonna know why.

Runners love to train outdoors and often the only thing that can force them onto a treadmill is if it is so miserable outside that they have no other option. A weather-dependent gym attendee is a dead ringer for a runner, every time.

Don’t Sweat It…Get Into Your New Routine!

Running is awesome and no one is saying you should sacrifice your runs. But varying your routine and hitting the gym is a great way to build strength and even improve your runs in the long term. Do your knees ache while you run? You may benefit from spending a few days a week in the gym building and strengthening the muscles surrounding your knees so your joints are working so hard to carry your weight. Is your back suffering during long runs? Again, strength training your back will prevent typical running aches and pains. Regular stretching, especially yoga, will also help you to avoid running injuries. A well rounded workout routine is just better for your body. So don’t be worried about sticking out like a sore thumb. Being an obvious runner is something to be proud of. So get into the gym and start working it!

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