5 Essential Tips For Making Delicious Immunity Boosting Smoothies

May 15, 2017

Sometimes we won’t take food in a solid form. We prefer certain food and edibles in liquid form. Thus, our preference is eating something which is smooth and soft. Yeah, smoothies can retain all the health containments. It is considered as one of naturally superfoods which not only is good for health but also can give you more energy. While in other cooked form, some part of the health containment evaporates.

We all prefer healthy food. However, we have an insufficient interval to prepare to some degree. For sure smoothies also drink sometime to prepare it. Although, we have some other options to diminish the course of time needed in purchasing and formulating.

Certain ingredients for some smoothies consume a week. However, we have perfect formulations and techniques in saving your time. Cooking is fun. Preparing smoothies is like a rollercoaster ride with mixtures and proportion.

Concerning your health, we are going to have an overview of the immunity boosting smoothies. Yes, these smoothies are may be made using fruit and vegetable juices such as cabbage juice. Of course, in this contemporary world, we have a lot of schedules to stick on.

Although, we shouldn’t forget our health issues.Never forget that your health is your wealth. Just spend few minutes in preparing a smoothie, to have a healthy future without any disease and a good immunity.

Make a Delicious Immunity Boosting Smoothies

1. No more Sweetness

Adding too much sugar will lead to obesity. A hike in sugar consumption may lead to an increase in high-density lipoprotein and blood sugar level. Yes, you can question that, how can wedrink a smoothie without sugar?

The answer is simple; just use the fruit alone. Fruit contains vitamin, fiber, and other minerals in it. Most of them contain natural sweetness. Thus, there’s no need of adding sugar while preparing a smoothie such as blueberry smoothie.

Other similar fruit options include banana, pineapple, and mango, which are all sweet and good for your health. Thus, prepare smoothies that don’t require any additional sweetness. If needed, you can add milk and yogurt.

Blend all ingredients together and take a taste test. If you still need some sweetness, then just add a teaspoon of honey. Your healthy smoothie made of fruit is ready to refresh your blood.

2. Mix the Veggies

Everyone knows that veggies are the base for a healthy life. David H. Murdock says that by eating many fruits and vegetables in the place of fast food and junk food, people could avoid obesity.

If you need to add more minerals and vitamins for your body, then best way is adding vegetables to your beverage. Intaking tender and young vegetables including green edible leaves will render resistance and immunity.

I choose to take a young spinach leaf, which is tender. Blend it nicely and have it regularly. Of course, it tastes odd. However, our health is more important than taste. Pureed pumpkin and beetroot are good smoothies for a good health development. Cucumber and Celery are also a good smoothie also you can have cabbage juice.

3. Protein Enhanced Smoothie

Can you imagine a smoothie with a filling on top of it? Sometimes you may feel awkward when you see a puree with toppings of protein substance. Including at least of a protein that is rich will make your smoothie a good, apt breakfast.

If you are not interested in drinking the veggies smoothie, then you can go with the common, your heart desired puree. Although, under one condition for your health, just add a protein filling on the puree.

Better options embrace low-fat yogurt, soy milk, a percent of milk, and silken tofu. Make a memory that various non-diary milk, that includes coconut and almond contains some protein.

4. Add Upto your Smoothie for a Good Health

Adding some more enhancement to your smoothies, you can make it more healthy drink. Just like the way you added some topping in the previous method, here follows another choice. Add some nutritious enhancements.

Nut butter, nuts, chia, avocado, cocoa powder, oats, and supplementary ingredients. These are high profiled nutrition. Of course, your health boosted up with immunity boosting smoothie. It adds more calories to your body.

For instance, a tablespoon of nut butter adds for about hundred calories. It an assured weight you can put on 2 to 3 times than your previous weight. Make sure that you are having a good and a balanced diet.

5. Measure your Calories

A proper count on your calories can deliver you a fit and toned body. Similarly, If you can know a number of calories consumed, then obviously you can calculate the number of calories to burn off from your body. A normal smoothie for breakfast can put up to 400 calories. It suits for both men and women, especially active persons.

Remember that you are not bouncing for more calories. Be aware that you aren’t sucking more calories or else your diet and your figure will be in trouble. Above all your body starts to malfunction, which is the immunity gets collapsed slowly. Too much of anything is good for nothing.

Calculate the required calories for a day and intake the smoothie as per as the schedule. In case you have purchased a lot of fruits for your smoothies means, just sip that day’s schedule and then keep the rest of the smoothies in the refrigerator.

Yes, the next day you will have a good dessert to enjoy with your meal.

Some More Tips

  • To enhance your fiber consumption, you can add a little of oat barn
  • To grow your hormones and tissues in your body, you add 4 grams of glutamine powder.
  • If you want to thicken your smoothie, you can add chia seeds.

People lags in immunity in this modern age. However, everything in this world is polluted, we still have a lot of natural elements to have a healthy life. Consider this healthy advice and avoid too much junk that costs your life.

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