5 Major Dangers of Physical Inactivity

September 21, 2016

The never-ending advancements within the technological sector are leading us to the world which has already been predicted by the animation movie ‘Wall-E.’ The world where physical inactivity has resulted in the human population being completely stricken with obesity and the inability to make normal bodily movements.

In 2008 alone, a calculated estimate of 5.3 million out of the total 53 million mortalities around the globe solely caused by continuous physical inactivity. While the disparity of the situation is also highlighted by a report published by ‘the Daily Mail’ based on the hypothesis that physical inactivity has proven to have equivalently deadly consequences as smoking.

A majority of the population acknowledges the fact that exercise on a regular basis can help in achieving an optimal health along with a suitable weight as well. However, what most individuals are not aware of is that insufficient physical activity can lead certain different risk factors as such those mentioned below.

1. Very high chances of developing obesity

Individuals are subjected to being categorized as obese in cases where their BMI (Body Mass Index) is calculated as being above 30. In America, a shocking 68.8% of the population is considered to be obese or extremely overweight. With an astonishing 36.6% of the adult population being overweight in America.

Those of whom suffering from obesity due to high-fat accumulation and very low activity, stand at a vulnerable point since it is a disease that is known to shorten life expectancy and affect normality during body functioning.

Obesity itself can cause multiple numbers of heart medical conditions or even sleep apnea, both of which may complicate matters all the more for those whom of which are suffering from it.

2. Increased risk of developing a heart disease

High Cholesterol levels are most usually also affiliated with those that have led a life being physically inactive. Cholesterol levels that are astonishingly high have also been considered as being a leading cause of developing heart conditions and diseases that may even prove to be fatal.

Exercise on a regular basis can help avoid complications related to High cholesterol levels by increasing the production of HDL, a Cholesterol that is good for the human body and helps in fighting against a large variety of heart diseases.

The severity of the situation can also be assessed by the fact that 700,000 deaths within The United States that occur annually are because of Coronary Heart Diseases. An estimate of 35% of mortality among those that suffer from Coronary Heart diseases is caused due to a lack of psychical activity.

3. Increased chances of the emergence of Hypertension

High Blood Pressure Which Is also known as hypertension can have extreme consequences for those that are victims of it, and the results may include contracting kidney diseases or even developing a stroke.

Hypertension occurs when the Blood Pressure of an individual shoots up to alarmingly high levels, causing blood to be pushed against the walls of the arteries.

Recent studies being conducted have deduced an inversely proportional relationship between physical activity and Hypertension, where the increase in physical activity has led to the stabilization of blood Pressure. As a result avoiding any Heart complications that may prove to be fatal in nature.

4. Increased risk of developing Diabetes

An unhealthy diet, obesity, and even physical inactivity have been deduced as causing an 80% increase diabetic cases. Physical inactivity alone is the aggravating factor behind being overweight or even obese.

Adult onset Diabetes which is also known as physical diabetes develops when an individual lack in insulin production or the human body becomes insulin resistant.

Nerve damage, various heart diseases, developing complications within the kidney and contracting eye problems are just some of the possible consequences of being diagnosed with Diabetes.

5. Prone to Anxiety and Depression

It has also been clearly stated by the World Health Organization (WHO) that those who are more used to be stationary, and do not make a habit of carrying out the required levels of physical activity are more prone to suffering from psychological depression and anxiety. Depression itself is categorized as an illness that may affect those diagnosed with it at a physical level as well.

Diseases such as anxiety or depression can lead to severe adverse effects deteriorating the overall performance of an individual due to which Physical activity is deemed to be important to avoid such mental illnesses.

An hour or two of exercise on a religiously regular basis can lead to the creation and distribution of hormones by the body itself which aid in reducing stress levels as well as avoid emotional instability.

Being physically active can help in preventing a vast multitude of chronic conditions. Thus Keeping in consideration the earlier mentioned factors, it is safe to say that Physical activity on a daily basis can aid in increasing your lifespan, with absolutely zero adverse effects to it. It is never too late to incorporate it into the daily schedule.

Author Bio:

This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at http://www.HealthyRecharge.com.

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