5 Secrets To Curing And Preventing Plantar Fasciitis

November 25, 2016

It is very painful to experience a sharp pain on your foot when running. Plantar Fasciitis could be the cause of this. The condition often recurs especially when you are exercising the muscles in your feet. It could hit you anytime without warning, and so you have to prepare adequately for it. You do not have to keep suffering.

Plantar Fasciitis is an all too common problem among people with poor posture, excess body fat, and limited abdominal strength. It can also be the result of poor footwear and other lifestyle choices that aren’t in your best interests. If you apply the secrets to curing Plantar Fasciitis, you are guaranteed to gain rapid relief. People who have never suffered from the condition can also use these methods to prevent it in the first place.

The following 5 secrets to curing and preventing plantar fasciitis will help you maintain an optimal level of mobility and a comfortable life quality.

  1. Change Your Diet

Inflammation is one of the most general causes of plantar fasciitis. As such, one of the best ways to fight this issue is actually internally, rather than externally. To start, think about adding more inflammation-fighting foods to your diet such as:

  •    Garlic
  •    Ginger
  •    Green, leafy vegetables
  •    Fresh berries
  •    Green tea

You also want to get rid of foods that are known to cause inflammation. These are usually food products that are highly processed and refined. For instance, you want to avoid:

  •    Potato chips  
  •    Store-bought cookies and pastries
  •    Sodas and other carbonated beverages
  •    Fast food

Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet that includes foods that are served close to their natural state is a great way to alleviate the inflammation responsible for most plantar fasciitis.

  1. Try A Night Splint

Relief for plantar fasciitis can be obtained by stretching the stiff, sore muscles that are causing you pain. This can be done by wearing a night splint or by taping the affected foot into the same position that a splint would hold it in. With this on, you can rest assured that the muscle will be sufficiently relaxed for allowing for a greater level of comfort and mobility.

  1. Wear High Heels

While this might not be the best solution for everyone, many women have found that donning a reasonable pair of high heels can promote relief. Much like a night splint, this stretches the targeted muscles and reduces tension and pain. Best of all, it takes pressure off of the affected area so that the condition is not be exacerbated by walking around.

  1. Inversion Table Therapy

Some cases of plantar fasciitis are directly attributed to spinal distress and imbalance all throughout the body. In these instances, plantar fasciitis is largely considered to be a functional issue, which means that it may be solvable by simply restoring balance. Inversion tables tip the user all the way upside down so that spinal stress is immediately released. This can also allow for improvements in overall spinal alignment that aid the body in healing this injury on its own. Best of all, achieving any level of inversion will take pressure off of your feet, thereby allowing some of the associated inflammation to abate. It is important to note that postural correction is often key for keeping the feet in optimal condition. Thus, if you experience noticeable benefits with inversion therapy, you may want to consider working with a chiropractor or a physiotherapist as well.

  1. Invest In The Right Footwear

When it comes to treating and preventing plantar fasciitis, almost nothing is as effective as getting the right footwear. The wrong shoes will increase your pain and your inability to move about, each time you wear them. People who suffer from this condition are advised to invest in shoes that have lots of flexibility at the mid-portion of the soles. You can talk with a podiatrist or look for shoes that are specially made for people with this condition. If women have developed plantar fasciitis after wearing heals for an extended period, it may be a chance to switch to a shoe that offers better arch support. While high heels can alleviate some of the pain and tension associated with this ailment, these types of shoes are also a very common cause of some of the most prevalent foot health issues.

Plantar fasciitis can be a debilitating ailment. By eating the right foods and wearing the best shoes for plantar fasciitis, you can find this condition from both the inside and out. Taking good care of your feet can have a significant impact on both your mobility and your overall life quality.

Apply the secrets to curing and preventing plantar fasciitis on your daily running routine to help you get your foot health back on the right track. Plantar fasciitis could get in the way of your happiness. You are practically a vegetable without movement. You need your feet to engage in a variety of fun activities such as dancing. Therefore do not take your feet for granted. You have to take care of them just like the rest of your body.

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