5 Ways to Tempt a Reluctant Partner to Start Running That Really Work

October 18, 2016

De-stressing comes in many forms – having a vacation, reading a book, enjoying a coffee date with friends, or working out. For some people, running is an easy way to get their spirits up in the face of stress and challenges. Getting the right amount of workout makes us feel energized and ready for what lies ahead.

Scientific evidence proves that regular exercise can prevent heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity and some cancers. It also greatly improves the quality of emotional and mental condition of an individual who engages in physical activity.

You may be raring to run, but the people around you may not be as enthusiastic. As much as you want to share the exhilarating experience of running, it’s difficult if the people close to you aren’t really that interested to run.

If you like to run with your reluctant partner – whether it’s your spouse, sibling, close friend, or a co-worker – here are some tips to encourage them to join you in your next run.

Be Ready With the Essentials

It’s important to make your potential running partner feel that the activity is fun and easy to do. Before you start running, make sure that you are equipped with the essentials. You may refer to websites like runningstats.com/best-hydration-packs-for-running/ to guide you on the best things to bring on a run.

Speaking of hydration, always remember to hydrate yourself during a run so that you can replenish lost electrolytes and regulate your body temperature.

Make Running Feel Like An Awesome Experience

It may not be that easy to convince your partner, but it might help if you tell them how good you feel after running. Encourage them by sharing how running has changed your perspective in life and how it has improved your health.

Take it Slow

You may have been running for quite some time now, and your partner may not be able to cope with your speed easily. It’s probably best to start at a pace where both of you can best enjoy the run.

Let your partner’s first running experience be a pleasant one. You need to make your partner feel that running is not supposed to be difficult and tiring. However, gently remind them that the speed may increase as the body adapts to the new activity.

Set a Goal

After a few days of running, make use of a device that can track down your speed and compare if there are improvements each time. The positive changes in terms of speed and endurance should be able to encourage your unyielding partner to continue.

Make the Runs Fun and Exciting

For a newbie runner, it may take several more days before actually enjoying the activity and witnessing the benefits of running. To prevent boredom, try to make variations when running, by trying on different routes as well as varying terrains and inclination.

Bad weather should not be a hindrance to work out those muscles. Running can also be done indoors using a treadmill. All you need to do is to adjust the inclination and speed.

You can incorporate other forms of exercise. Cross-training is now being done by a lot of sports enthusiasts because it does not only relieve the boredom out of a routine workout, but it also activates other muscle groups that need strengthening.

Buy New Gear

One of the best ways to encourage your partner to join you is to give them new running gear! Make sure that you choose the best running shoes that will provide comfort and support. There are a lot of running shoes to choose from, but make sure to carefully compare several pairs and shoe brands in order to find the best quality.

For those who can afford to buy several pairs, you can buy shoes that match the workout clothes. It would be fun for your partner to wearing matching clothes and shoes because it may give them a sense of accomplishment to be seen wearing a sporty set.

Make Running a Bonding Moment

Having a partner in life doesn’t mean having to do things together all the time. However, sharing your running experience with your partner can already do wonders to your relationship.

Take note that you can use running as a way for you to bond with your partner and spend time with each other. Even with a considerably short time for running each day, this can already help improve the relationship as well as give support to each other in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

As a runner, you have to take the responsibility of sharing the wide range of benefits of running with your partner. That way, not only are you entertained by the thought of engaging in the same activity together, but you are also developing your health and well-being for a longer and more vibrant life.

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