6 Most Amazing Solutions to reduce Hair Loss

October 17, 2017

Most of us face hair fall issues at some point of our lives; you might be going through it as you read this article. Are you afraid of losing all your hair as your hairline is getting thin day by day or you feel like your hairbrush lately holds more hair back than usual?

Don’t worry! There are ways to stop hair loss immediately but make sure you start hair care practices soon before it’s too late.

I will start with all the products, natural remedies and health supplements which can help you big time but first thing you need to fix is what causing it. Yes, hair loss causes can be prevented and that in itself is the first and foremost solution of this problem. We usually ignore the factors like work stress, dry or hot weather or an awful diet doing to our hair. If you are having any of these issues you may have to fix that in order to save yourself from more hair loss. If you are having too much flat ironing or having them dyed frequently, please give your hair some break!

One thing most people don’t know is that cigarettes smoke contains toxins which fastens hair greying and hair loss. So, if you are smoker you are going to have to quit or reduce your smoking habit.

Start Using Organic Hair Products

Use of chemically rich hair shampoos and hair conditioners take away all natural oils from your scalp and it becomes weak. Try out the new organic products easily available in the market and you will see a great difference in your hair for sure. Use natural hair oils to massage your scalp twice a week, it will help lubricate and retain the natural moisture in your hair roots which then prevents it from breaking a falling out.

Take Iron Supplements

Consult your doctor and find out if you have iron deficiency because it causes hair thinning and rapid hair fall. If you receive diagnoses which suggest you to take iron, make sure you take it as doctor’s recommendation daily and you will eventually get rid of hair fall. You might also be able to have better hair growth after covering up your iron deficiency.

Natural Hair Mask

Hair masks are great aid to reduce hair loss! This is something I have personally tested and tried. Mix aloe vera, castor oil, olive oil, yogurt, eggs and some hair serum capsules. Apply this mixture for 15 minutes and wash it off with water. Use an organic shampoo and rinse you hair properly. This really helps in making hair roots strong and improves hair texture a lot.

Keratin Treatment

If you are a person who loves straight hair and can’t get rid of the habit of blow-drying and hair ironing, this is the solution for you. Unlike extenso or rebounding hair treatments, keratin is deep protein treatment which makes hair texture more healthy and easy to handle. It saves your hair from regular heat from blow drying and straightening. After having a keratin treatment, you will feel more volume in your hair and there won’t be any locks in your hair which will make it really easy to brush and maintain. It stops hair shedding very visibly as the texture of hair gets way less frizzy and strong.

Please, Meditate!

No matter how many times we say we are not having any stress or pressure, a part of our day goes with something to put our minds to. Whether its work, family or friends, there is and there will always be small or bigger problems to deal with. Taking some time to meditate is very important. It can be a 10 minutes’ walk on the grass in park or simply watching a sunrise, make sure you are giving yourself those simple moments in your daily life to skip the outside world getting inside you too much.

The point of meditation here is to regulate your hair follicles and that helps you gain your hair strength back. So, if you think you don’t meditate at all, do start now!

Indian Gooseberry

Nothing is really better for hair treatments more than Amla! Yes, Indian gooseberry which is also called Amla is a superb way to prevent hair loss. Indians use it in their oils as an herb which stimulates hair growth.

One of the main reasons of hair loss is lack of vitamin c in our systems. Amla is enriched with vitamin c, so it’s a great way to replenish it back in our bodies.

While all these solutions must be in your mind now and you would want to try one or all of them, remember this that nothing changes overnight. You have to make the most of it by starting a regular hair care routine and I assure you soon the hair fall issue will go away.

Best of luck!

Author Bio:

This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at HealthyRecharge.com

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