6 Tips To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally With Eye Exercises

June 2, 2017

I guess you will agree with me when I say that eyes are one of the key organs of our body. Owing to this, it is imperative to take the best care of them. However, we all are a part of a busy lifestyle and we hardly get any time to take care of our eyes. Most of the people think that they can improve their eyesight with the help of contact lens and glasses, but practically it is not possible.

You can do different eye exercises and follow proper nutritional diet through which you can make significant improvements in your eyesight. Allow me to narrate top 6 tips to improve your eyesight naturally with eye exercises.



When it comes to improving your vision naturally, palming is one of the key elements of Bates method. The best thing about palming is that you don’t need to follow any particular procedure and if you get a little creative, you can do it without taking extra time to do it. All you need is to rub both of your palms until they get warm, now instantly place both your hands on your eyes.  

Make sure you have relaxed your shoulders, eye, and neck muscles while the heat present in your palms soothes your eyes along with the nearby muscles.


Stand Up And Take A Walk

Make sure you walk for half an hour, out in the open, on a daily basis if you really want to improve your vision. Remember one thing, avoid wearing your glasses when you take a walk. If you are taking a stronger prescription, make sure you go somewhere near, a place where you are safe walking.

Make sure you keep adding time until you feel confident and comfortable. You will see that without your glasses on, you will have to pay extra attention. In some ways, you tend to see better as you don’t have to tread to that zone where you can tune stuff out.  


Set Your Eyes Free By Taking Your Glasses Off

As long as you are looking through the center of your lenses, the glasses can really help you to see correctly. You will notice things distorting a bit the moment you look at the perimeter of your lenses. This will make your eyes to stare through the center of the lens and moreover, they are not able to move as much.

You are able to see as your eye muscles hold your eyes in a steady position so that you can see properly. Alas, owing to the lack of movement there is tension in your eyes. It is when you take off your glasses that your eye muscles are able to relax. Your eyes can freely move around and this really helps in making significant improvements in your vision in a natural manner.


Perform Eye Exercises

There are two exercises you can do on a daily basis for a maximum of 60 seconds. The first exercise is based on the principals of memory and imagination. Both the memory and imagination really come handy in filling the blanks quickly when you are focusing on something. Let us understand this with the help of an example, you don’t face any difficulty in locating one of your relatives in a crowd because with the help of your memory, you are able to figure out how they look. Therefore, when you exercise both memory and imagination, it really helps you to see.

If you want to practice this exercise, first you need to take off your glasses and now hold an object at a distance of at least two inches away. Now, you need to cover your left eye and you need to concentrate on one alphabet of that object with your right eye. Your task here is to trace the outline of the alphabet with the eye. Now, close your right eye and think that letter is in your mind. It is important you have imagined as clearly as possible. You need to open your right eye, and again you have to concentrate on the same alphabet for a couple of seconds. Imagine it being a blacker than all the other alphabets. If you successfully notice this, this means you are improving your vision.  


Loosen Your Shoulders

If you experience tension in your eyes, it is always followed by tension in various other body parts including – shoulders, face, neck, and jaw. You can really improve your circulation and you can also release tension by doing shoulder rolls and when you turn your head side to side, moreover it also improves your vision as well.

If medical is your favorite subject or you are associated with the medical field, then only you will get to know that brain’s occipital region has the main visual cortex. This is the exact place where you process and make sense whatever you see.

The position of occipital region is towards the back of your head’s base. If you have tension in this area, it will end up becoming tight. It is advisable that you do forward and backward shoulder rolls, avoid doing more than 15.  


Have Complete Rest

When you take breaks during the day and have enough sleep, you are actually supporting your eye health naturally. If your job involves sitting in front of a computer for extra hours, you will end up straining your eyes. Make sure you have given yourself a break of ten minutes, this should be done in order to relax your eyes. You can also close your eyes for a minute and take a walk in the gallery of the office.    


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