7 Best Healthy Shakes to Lose Your Weight Instantly

July 12, 2017

What is The Difficult Part in The Weight Losing Process??

It’s actually tracking the proportion of carbs that you daily intake. Almost 80% people don’t have any clue on what and how much should they eat. This is reason today I will tell you about 7 best healthy shakes that will surely help you to lose weight. So, instead of experimenting with your body, get your juicer ready for the awesome guide.

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Why Should One Go For Weight Loss Shakes?

There are many false marketing advertisements like “Lose weight but gain health” or else “Lose 10kg in 2 months”. Almost all of them are advertisements of meal replacement shakes that draw our attention towards them, but instead of falling into their trap, we must make right choices as many times these shakes contain a lot of harmful substances too.

The best way is to make these shakes from homes itself as it provides you a shake that is fresh, that is preservatives free and also it is filled with the required nutrients

Top Reasons to Consume Weight Loss Shakes


  • Replacement for your busy schedule


Do you have busy schedules where you often forget to have a healthy lunch and your stomach gives you the signal by growling? Well, this is the time when you start making faces at first. The first step towards health is proper nutritious food.

So, if you then too are busy, you may have a healthy shake which is almost low in calorie and most of times high in nutrients. The best part is that anyone can make it and it keeps fill for hours


  • Give a jump start to your weight program


In this fast moving world, everyone wants everything to be done at an instant speed, so why not weight loss. Actually it is a sure shot possible, just replace your daily meals with weight loss shakes and see the results in a very short span of time


  • In the period of travelling


Everyone knows, whenever one travels the taste of food that is provided to us is just horrible. The best ways to lose weight during the travelling period is to have the weight loss shakes. You may easily find these at any restaurants, just go through their menus and have a full list of different ones available


Different Weight Loss Shakes


  • Almond milk shakes


This shake delivers a clean and powerful punch of almost 21 grams of protein with 43 gms of fat in each and every 8-ounce glass, with 526 calories. Many health benefits are presented in almond milk shakes and it is very much beneficial for growth of kids. It also helps to manage weight as it has tons of minerals and vitamin. It is also great to keep bones strong enough and helps to improve skin and hair too


  • Peanut butter shake


This is a combination of peanut butter and Greek yoghurt that’s provides almost clean and clear proportion of 25 gms of protein, 6 gms of fiber and 8.5gms of fat in each and every 370 calorie serving. It should be enough to skip breakfast meal for anyone


  • Blueberry smoothie


Do you often find it difficult to buy a WHEY protein to fulfill your protein needs?  This shake will help you to find solution for the same as it is filled with protein from and has abundance of antioxidance from the blueberries. It also has 18 gms of protein and a strong dose of fiber. This will keep you away from those Junk food ideas and will be best shake from this list


  • Oat Shake


Oats are full of fiber and can be a healthy addition for any weight loss shake. Apart from that, almond milk ripe banana, frozen peaches and Greek yoghurt makes an alternative for breakfast. The nutritional value of banana is too high. The protein requirement in this shake satisfies the daily needs.


  • Ginger shake


This is normally the best after workout meal replacement. The additional presence of yoghurt and nut butter makes a delicious as well as nutritious shake. Probiotics helps in digestion and the calcium helps to makes the bones healthy and strong


  • Avocado shake


An half avocado is the perfect meal replacement. It is full of fiber and contains monounsaturated fatty acids which are the best thing why we can call it a food replacement. By adding banana and spinach, it makes antioxidant and fiber rick shake. The peanut butter that is used for icing on cake can be used for a delicious taste


  • Orange juice and peanut butter shake


Nut butters are fulfilled with protein and fiber. It makes sure that you have a dessert in your shake; up, it’s that much delicious orange is such a fruit that helps in boosting immunity, helps in weight loss and also protects you from many diseases like cancer, etc. this is why it is one of the most essential diet loss shake

Now that you have got you list of shakes, it’s time to start working on them and begin the process of weight loss. Remember shakes are not the only thing that will help in weight loss. Be healthy, stay happy.

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