7 Important Ways To Treat Back And Neck Pain

July 10, 2017

Today, the life is very busy and health and fitness have taken a backseat. People have hectic work schedules, due to which they do not pay appropriate attention to their health. Therefore, they face so many problems like physical pains, injuries, and other health conditions. Moreover, injuries have become common today due to the growing carelessness among the people, especially the youth.


Moreover, people with an old age also face certain physical problems due to their growing age. The most common and increasing physical pains are back and neck pain. Yes, you read it right. These physical pains are growing among the people due to various reasons like injuries, aging, and more. Therefore, in the first place, it is very important for you to take utmost care of your body in all the ways possible.


Even then, a few physical problems are inevitable like your back and neck pain. These pains may arise even due to your sleeping and sitting pattern or your working style. Now, when you suffer from these severe body pains, it is vital that you should do something to cure them or deal with them efficiently.


Let us take a look at a few of the ways you can deal with your back and neck pains to heal or reduce them. We sat down with Physical therapy services center in New York, to discuss about the treatment of back and neck pain.


  1. Correct Your Posture


Your body posture plays a crucial role in your physical fitness. Yes, it is very important for you to have a correct posture while sitting, sleeping or standing. It is critical for you to do all your activities with a correct body posture to avoid any kind of injuries, nerve-pull, or a damage of your tissues.


If you are constantly working on your desk at the office, it is advisable that you take a break of a few minutes and change your position or take a short walk. Moreover, it will also be helpful for you to stretch yourself a bit to release the tension in the muscles. Even while sitting on your office chair, make sure you have the correct body posture to avoid any sort of pain in your back or neck. Also, if you are working on a monitor, it is important that it should be on the level of your face so that you do not have to stretch your neck for looking at the screen.


  1. Do Stretches


Stretches are always good for your body, especially if you are sitting in the same position. When you stretch your back, you release the tension of your muscles. It is because the muscles get stiffened when you are in the same position for a long time. If you continue to be in the same position, your stiffened muscles will produce pain and this is how you will have your back pain to a higher level eventually.


Now, releasing your neck muscles is equally important as your back. So, stretch your neck from right to left and vice versa, and up and down. There are some light neck exercises, that you can perform to keep your neck free from pain. Whenever you work, it is important that you should always do some stretches to avoid getting pain.


  1. Apply Heat


Heat works as one of the best medicines to heal your body pain. So, you can use it to reduce your back and neck pain. For this, you get heat wraps from the market and you can apply them on your neck and back. Heat works on your stiffened muscles and veins and gives relief from the pain.


You can heat up the heat wraps in your microwave and keep on the affected area. Even taking a hot shower can help you relieve your pain.


  1. Apply Ice


Just like heat, ice also is the best source for healing any sort of your body pain. When you apply ice on the affected area, it gives a soothing effect on your muscles and veins. Apply the ice bags on the painful area for a certain amount of time. It will remove the stiffness of the muscles gradually, relieving you from the pain and reducing it to an extent.


  1. Exercise


Exercise is the best thing you can do to keep your body fit and healthy in all the ways. It is very important that every part of your body needs some exercise, which will release the tension that arises due to several reasons. Moreover, when you exercise, there are less chances that your muscles can get stiffened. However, it is critical that you should take care while doing any kind of exercise, to avoid any sort of tissue damage.


Moreover, when you have back and neck pain, physical therapy also work the best on your pain. The physical therapists design the therapy treatments, based on your individual needs to treat your pain. Therefore, it is advisable that if the methods discussed above do not affect your pain, you should visit a physical therapy center.


  1. Chiropractic


Chiropractic is also considered as one of the best alternative therapies for your back and neck pain. It is a drug-free and surgery-free therapy, that works wonders on your pain. One of the unique characteristics of this therapy is that the chiropractics believe that the body has an innate capacity to heal. With this strong belief, they use their hands to treat the misaligned spinal bones.


  1. Massage


An another proved alternative therapy is massaging the affected area. When you massage the painful part of your back or neck with an ointment, it will work on your inner veins and muscles and gives relief in the pain. Massaging regularly on the affected area can show a remarkable reduction in your pain.


It is crucial that you keep your body parts, especially your back and neck healthy and fit with a few regular exercises. However, in the case of severe pain, it is crucial that you go for your neck and back treatment.

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