7 Insanely Amazing Hacks to Boost Focus Through Diet

May 2, 2017

Workplace requires ample amount of concentration and focus which helps in getting productive outcomes. But, protracted working at the office often reduces the productivity.

Human brains need a constant supply of energy for the intellectual functioning. It consumes 20% of the calories we intake daily. While comparing this absorption with other body organs, it is too much. So, it is necessary to continually fuel it with nutritious food. This way it will work sharp and help in maintaining its sound health.

Improving focus at the workplace demands to eat whole, fresh and nutritious foodstuffs. This is the prime step towards improvement of the work-quality at the workplace. Also, there are various ways to which work-life can be improved such as yoga poses at the desk itself, sound environment and interesting job.

Apart from these tips, there arrives a need to improve lifestyles such as portion sizes of the meal, it’s timing, checking on the calorie, sugar and sodium intake. It’s high time we all need to improve lifestyle and the focus at the workplace. Let us Fix it!


Fiber-rich Breakfast

Consuming fiber-rich food works wonder for the appetite. Fibers boost up the digestion that prove to be the best to kick-start a day. As it takes more time to digest, we feel fuller for a longer period of time. It also aids to keep sugar levels stable.

When we’re feeling satiated, more energy is released to work better with extra focus. So, make a smart choice and select breakfast which is rich in fibers such as Oatmeal, Greek yogurt, sprouted pulses, raw almonds and whatnot. Ensure to incorporate fiber-rich breakfast which is fat-free and low in sugars.   


Consume more Greens

Green veggies are the best sources of antioxidants, folate, magnesium which improves mood and supply energy to work well. Also, it is quite friendly to kill the stress from the body.

Be it in any form or any greens, it would affect work-life positively. Kale, spinach, romaine, collards, chard, dark lettuces, broccoli and much more. Add them to salads, or to the soup and boost energy. Beyond all of these greens, there are few vegetables which are good for brains such as tomato, eggplants, garlic, beetroot.


Keep an eye on Refined Sugar & Sodium

Excessive consumption of the refined sugar and sodium can cause high blood pressure and leads to diabetes. It disrupts the entire functioning of the body which can cause headaches, leading towards hiking up the stress and makes drowsy. If this would be the condition, then how is it possible to concentrate on work?

Though salt and sugar are essential condiments of any dish, but it is imperative to watch its intake proportion. This watch can be easily made by checking if the consumption of the sodium doesn’t exceed the limit of 1500 milligrams a day. In the same way, maximum intake of sugar is 25 grams for women and 36 grams for women for maintaining brain health.


Go for Healthy Beverages

During office hours, we all have a habit to have coffee frequently in order to stay active and sharp in work. As excessive caffeine intake can lead towards many health problems, it is necessary to replace coffee intakes with various other healthy beverages.

Green tea, fresh juice, lemon-honey drink and much more beverages would be the best alternative to the coffee. These rejuvenating beverages help in curing headaches and improves several digestive issues.


Snacks? Healthy nuts

Wondering what to intake for supper? What is healthier than nuts? Almonds, Brazil nut, pistachios and walnut are the healthiest choices while having snacks. These nuts are a good source of protein, fibers and fats.

Especially, almond is the lowest-calorie nut that provides 6 grams of protein and 14 grams of fats for 23 nuts. It is one of the best snacks that not only improves focus but also it maintains waistline and mood. This is possible just with the magnesium in it that boosts up the energy and heedfulness.


Incorporate more protein

Be it quinoa, lentils or eggs all of them are the richest sources of the protein. It is necessary to consume sufficient protein proportions in a correct way, as it is highly responsible for activating metabolism which energizes the body.

Pairing protein and fiber rich foods is the great way to feed our body it highest nutritious foodstuffs. It aids in increasing the stamina rapidly. Ensure to include at least 56 grams and 46 grams of protein in the daily diet for men and women respectively. It would not only help in boosting energy but also it helps in improving memory.

Enjoy Perks of Dark Chocolate

Yes, this is true! One of our favorite food, dark chocolate is good for brain health. This food helps in improving blood flow to the brain which evidently enhances cognitive function and memory.

Cocoa is the most powerful antioxidant, which is the majority part of dark chocolate.

Note: The chocolate which is going to be consumed should consist at least 70% of the cocoa to enjoy its perks.


Final word

Considering these hacks would be beneficial in order to improve concentration at workplace.


Author Bio: Henry Veno is a fitness and a healthy diet addict who blogs at The Diet Suggestions. He likes Nutrisystem diet plans because it delivers portion-control food to your home with a percentage off Nutrisystem coupon codes and deals. In its 150+ menu choices, nuts and fish have a prominent place.

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