7 Proven Steps for Women to Gain Weight Fast

December 5, 2016

Although it might sound crazy, not every woman wants to lose weight. Some women have had a challenging time adding that extra pound. Even when you share with your family and friends, they might not take your word as the truth. They think that everyone wants to lose weight. While there are women who are trying to lose weight, there are others who are struggling to gain weight. Whether you are clinically underweight or not, here are some of the best strategies to help you gain weight fast as a woman.

The Best Strategies To Help You Gain Weight Fast As A Woman

1. Consume Between 600 to 1000 Calories In A Day

Believe it or not, if you want to gain weight you must eat a lot. If you consume more than 600 calories you will be adding at least 0.6 kilograms of weight every week. This might not look like a lot of weight but if you do it consistently you will achieve your goal within a short time. However, if you are already training, you should consume approximately 800 calories. This is because you often burn some calories that you must replace. Although you might be trying to gain weight you must watch out what you eat. For instance, if you consume a lot of junk, your weight gain might lead to health complications. Some of the best foods to eat include brown rice, avocado, eggs, dark chocolate, cheese, dairy milk and whey protein.

2. Increase Your Portion

Instead of eating snacks, increase the quantity of food that you eat. This means adding another meal course or simply eating a second round if you are still feeling hungry. The main idea is to build your appetite by doing away with snacks. If you practice this, you will be much more inclined to eat more calories in the form of healthy foods. However, since this might not work for all women, if you have a problem with eating a lot of food, make shakes that are rich in calories and proteins.

3. Use The Best Workout Supplements For Women

If you want to gain weight fast, then use the best workout supplements. Sometimes it’s not possible to get all the important nutrients in one meal hence workout supplements can help you fill the gap. They are not only prepared with the right dietary nutrients but they are also ideal for all the nutrition that you need to gain weight. As compared to cooking food which might take long, the best workout supplements for women only takes a minute of your time. As a matter of fact, if you are busy then these supplements can give you the best breakfast or even lunch in addition to your normal meals.

4. Cherish Your Midnight Snack

If you are trying to lose weight, it’s not advisable to eat a snack at night. However, if you want to add some pounds, doing the opposite is actually very helpful. You can eat a late night dinner, or snack or just something so that your body can have something to burn in the form of calories. Additionally, your body will develop lean muscles and grow more muscle if you practice this regularly. You should, however, try to avoid hard foods as they can make your night uncomfortable. Just consume something digestible.

5. Consume More Proteins

This is perhaps the most important step when it comes to gaining fast for women. Your muscle is made up of proteins hence without eating proteins you will not experience any results. If you are increasing your food intake ensure that it contains enough proteins. Simply put, you must consume a lot of proteins. If you want to gain weight fast, focus on eating 1.2grand of proteins per kilogram of body weight. Some of the best sources of proteins include cheese, meat, eggs, fish, dairy products, whey proteins and lentils.

6. Take More Liquid Foods

Instead of eating solid food you can drink more liquid. While this will not fill you up very much it will work perfectly well. The best thing to do is to drink something rich in calories in between the meals. For example, smoothies and milkshakes are some of the best to start with. You can also choose juice and milk options. While you can enjoy sweet tea, coffee or soda once in a while, they majorly contain empty calories.

7. Do Some Strength Training

While you do not have to lift a heavy weight, strength training will go a long way in ensuring that you only gain lean muscles. In addition, it will also increase your appetite which will result into weight gain. Instead of lifting weights, use your own body during workouts. If you have not been working out before then you need to start with some beginner workouts and increase gradually. If you are already doing this, you will see result quickly. It’s, therefore, very important to consume enough proteins to help you with the workout processes. Do not forget about using the best workout supplements for women

8. Consume 3 Meals A Snack In Between

If you are trying to gain weight make sure that you eat 3 meals a day. Also, add in a snack or a protein-packed food whenever possible. Remember, your goal is to gain weight hence do not minimize your carbs and fat consumption. If you do this, you might compromise your weight gaining efforts.

9. Get Enough Rest

If you plan to do more strength training and eat more proteins, you should sleep for at least 8 hours daily. As you rest your, body builds muscles hence having a good sleep will ensure that your body has enough time to build sufficient muscle mass.


If you want to gain weight fast as a woman you need to add the quantity of calories, increase your portion, use the best workout supplements for women, eat a lot of proteins, consume your midnight snack, take more liquid foods, engage in strength training and eat at least three meals a day. In short, you must increase your calories intake and encourage the right kind of cellular growth through weight training. Basically, what you eat is what will help you put in the pounds and keep them there.

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