8 Habits That Can Cause Hair Loss

April 11, 2017

A woman hair is an indicator of her health. But despite of health issues there are some habits that lead to hair loss. Some are listed below

  1. Wearing tight hairstyles
  2. Using long-lasting hold styling products
  3. Using hot styling tools
  4. Mishandling wet hair
  5. Crash dieting
  6. Taking steamy showers
  7. Alcohol drinking and smoking  
  8. Stress



  • Wearing tight hairstyles


If you daily wear hairstyles like ponytail or tight braids then you should beware.  Sporting these styles puts extreme tension on the hair follicles, harming them and creating scars that permanently destroy them. This results in traction alopecia, a state that permanently weakens the follicle and makes it almost impossible for hair to grow. Then you have to go for hair transplant.  

Save your strands (recommendations): 

Try wearing your hair down or very soft whenever possible (especially while sleeping; rolling your head around on a pillow can create more friction). When you do tie your strands back, keep it loose, if it is pulling on your skin, it’s too tight.



  • Using long-lasting hold styling products


If your hairspray or gel lasts all day, they are actually making your locks harder to hold on to. These are usually high in alcohol, which makes hair dry and brittle. Once you comb or brush your hair, that residue causes the hair to break and fall out.

Save your strands (recommendations):  

Skip the products that make hair sticky or stiff. Instead, go for softer hold solutions like styling creams that maintain hair’s moisture intact and don’t produce friction while brushing.



  • Using hot styling tools


Hot styling gadgets damage the proteins that make up your hair and its defensive cuticle. Once the cuticle is damaged, the moisture balance is disrupted and your hair is more likely to be broken. Despite the fact that they are all created by the latest technology, hair stylers can cause permanent damage to the hair.

Save your strands (recommendations): 

Minimize your hot tool usage—even your blow-dryer—to two or three times a week, and start with the coolest setting if possible. Always apply a heat-protection spray; it creates a thermal barrier to reduce friction.



  • Mishandling wet hair


Our strands are more fragile and prone to breakage when they are saturated with H2O (water), since the protective cuticle is slightly raised. Combing or brushing locks in the shower, then aggressively towel-drying, create the perfect match for falling it off. 

Save your strands (recommendations):

Minimize brushing immediately after taking shower, try combing before hair gets wet. Then, blot (don’t rub!) hair with a soft towel.



  • Crash dieting


A strict diet and a huge loss of body weight can affect the hair loss. Adipose tissue performs certain functions such as producing of female hormones which are involved in the metabolism of fat-soluble minerals and vitamins. That is why the structure of the hair deteriorates and becomes lesser with weight loss.

Save your strands (recommendations): 

Eat a healthy diet with plenty of protein like chicken, fish, beans and lentils.  Aim for 45-46 grams per day (or about 25 to 30% of your total calories). Be careful and do not harm your body, even if you stick yourself to a strict diet, your meals should be balanced.



  • Taking steamy showers


Hot water dehydrates strands (just like skin), causing it dry and brittle. That is more prone to break and fall out, explains Ryan Welter, MD, a Boston-based hair transplant surgeon. “Not only are you washing your hair’s protective oils down the waste pipe, but the heat throws your scalp’s pores into overdrive to keep up with oil production, which can damage the root and lead to extra shedding.” 


Save your strands (recommendations): 

Take the temperature down a few degrees. “Go for a warm shower, and try to wash hair with the coolest temperature possible.”



  • Alcohol drinking and smoking  


Some bad habits can turn out to be a cause of women’s hair loss. It is reality that nicotine and alcohol intoxications wipe out vitamins and minerals.

Cigarettes include radioactive substances which are not good for healthy hair.

Nicotine causes a poor circulation and spasm of blood vessels. When hair is not getting enough nutrition, it leads to its loss.

Save your strands (recommendations): 

If your hair looks unhealthy, dull and your hair is falling, it is a good reason to avoid these bad habits.


  • Stress


Stress causes a large number of diseases, including hair loss.
In addition, worrying, mental overload, nervousness and lack of sleep affect the health after some time, will lead to serious disease and loss of hair.

Save your strands (recommendations): 

To support the nervous system in hard situations and in situation of high mental stress, divert your attention to stress killers such as yoga, meditation and exercise.

Peppermint tea is known for its ability to reduce stress and tension, as well as to normalize appetite and sleep.

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