Advice on Multivitamin use

September 23, 2015


Healthy nutrition has always been the best source of vitamins such as potassium, vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium. However, sometimes it is quite difficult to eat everything you need on a daily basis, which is when your body becomes susceptible to all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Since most people cannot achieve a balanced vitamin intake every day, it becomes necessary to turn to multivitamins to preserve our health. A bit of research is also needed before you choose the right one, so read on to learn what you can do to improve your vitamin levels today.

When Is It Good to Take Multivitamins?

Due to their busy lifestyles and the unhealthy food they eat, many people fall short of vitamins. Without time to cook and prepare a healthy meal packed with fibers and vitamins, they turn to this type of help to maintain or even boost their health. When your diet falls short, multivitamins can jump right in and provide everything you need. However, if your diet is well planned, there is no need to take the supplements alongside.

If you want to prevent the possibility of nutrient deficiencies since it might lead to something more serious, take multivitamins. It is important not to forget that multivitamins are supplements and are not able to substitute real food. That is because they lack in fiber that can be found in vegetables and meat and is essential for food digestion that empowers our body to produce energy and function normally.

Who Needs Vitamins

Every person, in good or bad health, would only benefit from taking one multivitamin per day. When it comes to how many tablets we should take, there is no right answer. Usually, it is a tablet or two per day. Since it is impossible to overdose on this type of supplement, it is safe to take even more when in need, just make sure you don’t make this a habit.

Children and teenagers are prone to bad eating habits and are in great need of vitamins. Vegetarians, vegans, and fruitarians are usually deficient in key nutrients due to their specific food consumption and they need to use supplements regularly. For dieters and people with eating disorders that are on special treatment, it might be good to include multivitamins into their eating regimen.

Women in their childbearing years and the elderly are in danger of vitamin shortfall and it is necessary for them to pay attention to their nutrition. Sometimes, a shortage of iron can lead to anemia and vitamin B-12 deficits can be responsible for nervous system damage.


Buying a Multivitamin

Strolling down the vitamin aisle you can find yourself utterly confused since there are so many products on the market. Firstly, you should read the label carefully to see if it includes the basic vitamins. Looking at the percentages and extras, you will find out if this multivitamin provides everything you need. Sometimes those extra vitamins might help you sleep better (selenium) or have better concentration (B-12). You have to take into consideration that there are special formulas for men, women, children and elderly people so you ought to choose a combination that suits you the best.

The human body has vitamin and mineral requirements that change as time passes. For example, when young, the body needs lots of calcium for building bones, but when in midlife, you do not need to take it very often. However, as you get older your calcium need increases again, and your daily intake should increase as well. On the other hand, iron is very beneficial for women until menopause and should be a part of their nutrition, but men do not need it at all.

Beneficiary Effects

Various vitamins are a necessity for the human body so it could function properly and remain healthy. Of course, you can do without them, but since these supplements provide most of the vitamins needed, you can rest assured that your bones, skin, muscles and brain will get everything in order to function. For example, you will notice your skin starts to glow after only a few weeks of boosting your vitamin levels.  Make sure you always choose the product you are going to use very carefully and buy only reputable brands. Legion Triumph is one of the best choices on the market today, and will help you stay fit and healthy, but will not do all your work for you.

However, there are many misconceptions about multivitamins since some companies claim that their products help you with fat loss, muscle building and strength boosting. They do everything but that. Only with diligence in training and a special diet can you loose weight or gain muscle mass. Multivitamins are indirectly connected with those processes since they only support your body’s general health but are not magic pills to slim you down in a day.

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