9 Best Hair Treatments for Beautiful Hair

January 23, 2017

Do you suffer from hair breakage, scalp dryness, flakiness, product buildup, or other types of damaged hair? Perhaps you’ve been to the salon and you were offered a treatment that didn’t quite work. Many older salons still employ traditional treatments methods that just don’t seem to do the trick. Things like clear gloss and treatment shampoos may provide a temporary fix, but they don’t actually repair your damaged hair. What can you do to make sure that your scalp remains free of irritants and your hair retains beauty and health?


There are many new advancements in the salon industry that really break the mold in terms of hair treatment. These new treatment types can blow old treatments out of the water, offering a variety of advancements to help every kind of hair. Whether you suffer from flat, oily, dry, or frizzy hair, there’s a treatment for you.


Check out these 9 best hair treatments for beautiful hair to make for a beautiful and healthy you as far as it is well known.

The Malibu Treatment


If your hair has a lot of highlights, or if you are struggling with discoloration and buildup, this is the treatment for you. It gently removes the buildup of mineral deposits from your hair and scalp, clearing away any discoloration. With this treatment, it will feel like you are receiving a deep-cleanse as the treatment consists of powder mixed with water in the shampoo bowl.


This hair treatment can be used alone or during color correction. It helps remove the buildup of existing product and allow your hair to be colored with volume and beauty.



Olaplex is the preferred treatment for those who have damaged and breaking hair, especially if it has been color treated. This is a standalone treatment that is typically done in the shampoo bowl. It can be used with or without color processing. It combines disulfide bonds in order to strengthen and rebuild hair, giving it beautiful new life. Expect to spend 10 to 20 minutes at the shampoo bowl, where the process is applied and then re-applied a few minutes later.

Keratin Treatment


Do you struggle with frizzy, curly, or unmanageably wavy hair? If so, a keratin treatment may be right for you. This groundbreaking process can straighten any type of hair and can work with even the coarsest of follicles.


Although keratin is a protein that occurs naturally in the hair, this treatment can work to strengthen, smooth, and shine your hair. It repairs coarse and frizzy hairs and gives it a new and beautiful look. A keratin treatment is the best way to combat frizz. You can also do keratin treatment at home.

Linkage Meu


Is your hair too course? If you’re looking to soften your hair and smooth out those wily strands, try the Linkage Meu treatment. This treatment originates in Japan and offers a leave-in conditioner that completely smoothes out your hair. All of your texture will become soft and shiny while also sporting a new type of volume. It is applied weekly for several weeks for the best effect.

Astara Treatment


This French-originating treatment is perfect for anyone with a sensitive scalp. If you find that your scalp is easily irritated, or is prone to being dry, flaky, or rash, the Astara treatment is perfect for you. It calms your itchy scallop by offering a cleanser that conditions, hydrates, and repairs your skin and follicles. It has been described as a facial for the scalp as it deeply cleans the scalp and stimulates blood flow.


During the process, the dead skin is loosened before the Astara oil is applied to the scalp. Then, it works its magic by conditioning the skin and hair follicles.



Has your hair been color treated often? Is it damaged, or prone to breakage? Perhaps you can’t seem to stave off those dead and broken ends. The Inphenom treatment is perfect to help heal and regrow your damaged hair. It offers proteins in the form of a conditioner that enters the hair shafts and supplies it with these proteins necessary to strengthen and rebuild it.


The process itself is a little longer, and you can expect to spend at least 30 minutes at the shampoo bowl. Your hair will suddenly be filled with helpful proteins, amino acids, and other ingredients to bring it back to its full life.

Pre-Shampoo Oil


If your hair is dry or damaged before your color treatment, it may be wise to get a pre-shampoo oil treatment. Many stylists will recommend that you undergo this hair treatment before your hair is ready for color. It can be done quickly before the color is applied. If your hair is dirty, messy, or full of other products, this treatment will soften and clean it before your color treatment. This treatment will make the hair feel soft and voluminous.

Fusio-Dose Treatment


The Fusio-Dose treatment is one of the most popular treatments as it can treat a variety of different hair problems. Individuals with dullness, breakage, damage, itchiness, frizziness, and more can benefit from this treatment. This treatment is quite different from the others, as it is customized depending on the diagnosis of your hair damage. Your stylist will then mix the proper solution to apply to your hair.


The treatment comes with a variety of different bases depending on what you need. Hair treatments are available for frizz, damage, hydration problems, and dullness. This treatment involves the use of a diagnostic camera before the deeply penetrating conditioner is applied, washed, and then dried.

Davines Detoxifying Treatment


The Davines Detoxifying Treatment is one of the best hair treatments on the market. It is helpful for those who have product buildup, or the buildup of other dirt from the environment. Buildup can come from anywhere, including showers and swimming pools. This treatment makes your hair brighter and softer, lifting all of the buildup from the scalp to give your hair a new shine. This treatment is almost like a mud or clay mask for the face, except it is applied to the hair. It deeply penetrates the skin and follicles and removes all particles and chemicals, leaving your hair detoxified and clean.


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