Beginner’s Guide: Things You Need To Know Before You Start Running

July 10, 2017

It is necessary to follow some physical activity to stay fit. In that case, why not opt for running? Running helps people to improve their health as well as increase the energy levels. Moreover, running also helps to reduce the stress level. So if you don’t follow any physical activity, better start running.


There are certain things that you need to note down before you get your first step on the road. They are compiled as under.


Set goals


If you are new to running, set some realistic goals based on your fitness level. Don’t think of running a marathon now as it needs much preparation and experience. You can just start by setting some small goals. Setting some big goals may make you feel demotivated in the end.


Plan your rest


It is necessary to give your body rest when you are following a physical activity. So plan your running schedule in such a way that your body gets enough rest too. Giving a whole day to rest every week is good. Make sure you don’t go for over-training.


Buy good shoes


Remember that you need a pair of good shoes for your running activity. It is not necessary that the shoes are expensive or looks fancy. Just make sure that you have a pair of good shoes.


Say yes to stretching


It is necessary to stretch your body before you run. It will help to loosen up the muscle as well as save you from injuries. Stretching improves blood circulation and relaxes tight muscles.


Keep your calories in balance


Starting a new physical activity means you need to have the right diet too. If you are running, you need to keep yourself hydrated. It is true that running helps you to get rid of those calories but eating right will help you to stay fit.


Take care of what you wear


What you wear when you are running is important. Your body temperature will rise when you are running and so you need to have clothes suitable to that temperature. Moreover, your body will sweat so you need clothes that wicks moisture. Find good quality running clothes for less just by using the latest Sports Direct discount code.


Develop the habit


Once the initial fire goes down, many tend to leave running. So you need to make a habit. You need to set some goals and run regularly. There are some days when things do not go the way you want. Don’t make such days the reason for you to skip the activity.


Safety First


Many people are under the impression that the process of running is dangerous. But let me tell you that running is a form of exercise. In spite of the stress that the runners give to their bodies, the people who have the habit of running regular have the lower risks of getting heart attacks than those who don’t have the tendency of running and jogging.


Sore Muscles


That is not new that you are suffering from sore muscles when you are amateur to running. Even after you get used to running, you will get your muscles sored from time to time. People usually get the sore muscles for three reasons as mentioned below:


Not used to exercising

May be used to different exercises

They may push their regular exercise too hard.


If you are getting sore muscles at the initial stage and then the pain diminishes out, then it is a good indication that your body is improving. But if the pain persists, then it is the time to stop and seek medication.




While you are planning to go for daily running, you are making a very important choice that is responsible for extending your lifespan. It has been researched and proved that the people who are exercising regularly are able to extend their lifespan by six to nine years.


Train your brain


After the first few weeks of your running, you will begin to believe that exercising is not a myth. But steeping out of the house for the first day can be a real tough task. So make a plan. Gather some of your favourite music, choose the favourite time to get out and such other methods so that you can train your brain.


Keep your calories in Balance


Once you get started, you need to shun all the fatty foods and the extra calories that would make you feel lazy and sluggish and drag you from waking up. At every meal you intake, half of the calories should come from healthy complex carbohydrates, another one quarter should come from heart-healthy unsaturated fats, and the remaining from the sources from the lean protein.


Be patient


While you start exercising, you need to be patient so that you get to reap the fruits of your hard work. The weight loss that happens will be as a result of consistency, but it would take some more time to condition your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Every time you step your foot on the road, it would stimulate bone growth. This helps your bones to get more denser and stronger day by day.


Beware of Dangerous “Toos”


Your main aim is to stay fit without hurting yourself. If you are going “too” fast or “too” slow, then get your body ready for some injuries viz. Runner’s knww, shin splints, and lot more. On the contrary, you can stay injury free by increasing the time by 5 to 10% every week.


Running is the kind of the activity which you can follow outdoor or indoor throughout the year. In case you are not sure about the things, you can take the help of a physical trainer. So if you are still thinking of running, it is time for you to have the shoes and get on track. You will find it addictive once you get used to it.


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