Benefits of Running Solo

May 15, 2017

Strange that it may sound, running solo has many benefits. 

Running Solo brings out many positive such tangible qualities that are usually overlooked. It enhances your well being not only at the physical level by working out various muscular groups, but also at psychological level.

Here are some facts about running solo that are bound to initiate you into something totally different – something that is really an exhilarating experience

Not only will running solo will make you much healthier, stronger and a confident runner, it will also bring a healthy outlook to life.

Let us analyze the more tangible physical benefits of running solo


Reduction of Injuries

Injuries are generally a result of being less cautious or trying to outdo the tasks that are beyond your physical capability. After all, everyone is not alike. We have our own physical limitations when it comes to stamina, strength or speed.

Quite often, while going for group running you get compelled into going faster (or slower) which may actually lead to injury without you even realizing it!

In solo running, you run at your own easy pace, with no one actually compelling you to go faster. Hence, you can focus more on the fun part of it and keep up the pace that is easy and comfortable for you.

Keeping a slower pace as you warm up, goes a long way in ensuring that further injuries related to muscular stress are reduced.


Sticking to Your Plan

When you run alone, you can make a plan for yourself and push your pace as it suits you.  

You do not waste time in waiting for others to join you, or run along with you thus saving upon your time and effort.

Solo running ensures that you follow your own body’s rhythm without worrying about having to stick to someone else’s plan.

You can focus more on your weak areas and achieve a better level of fitness. This would never be possible in a group as you are expected to “keep up” on a common routine, thus depriving you of improvement in the areas in which you may have glaring weaknesses.

Solo running would prove to be an ideal choice in such a case as it will eventually well make you a better runner and you would be able to develop your own style at a much faster pace.


Enhancing Mental Strength

When you run with a group, you tend to rely on others to give you a boost whenever fatigue sets in. Solo running, on the other hand, allows you to develop a more pragmatic approach by encouraging you to develop your own strategy and have more faith in your own capability.

This, in turn, makes you become mentally stronger.

After all, you are competing with yourself and are not intimidated by others assessments. Nor would you let the hollow praises go to your head!

You become more capable of handling the situations that come up and you are able to push through any situation. You are able to circumvent the same in a better manner even if it means mild physical discomfort to you.

You can develop your own persuasive power to take you through any situation and make you a winner!


Commitment to Goals

When you do not depend upon a partner or a group, you do not face a situation when you had to cancel your practice because of the others unprofessional attitude or last minute withdrawals.

Solo running ensures that you always show up for your practices!

Carrying out your practices in a planned manner is very important and as an athlete you simply cannot afford to miss out on schedule. When you run solo, you can always ensure that when you put in your hard work you always reap the benefits.

Hence, your output is dependent on your commitment to your goals and what strategy you adopt. The more sincere you are, the more likely you are to achieve your aims. Hence Solo running is an ideal way to get the best of results in your endeavors.


More Focus on Efficiency and Running style

When running in a group, you may be tempted to talk or push along hard against your natural pace which in turn interferes with the correct manner of breathing as well as maintain your running form and style.

Since you do not have any distractions that make you lose your focus, solo running offers a great opportunity to hone your running skills and obtain maximum benefit from your outings.


Establishing a Routine

As brought out earlier, one of the biggest benefits of running solo is that you develop your own routine. Thus, you can devote much more time to do the preliminary warm-ups before embarking on the run.

Not only that, after completing your run you can establish a routine for the complete workout at a pace that suits you. You can also add other activities like a swim or a session at the gym before winding up for the day.

Simply speaking, you are your own master and can choose your own routine without having to bother about someone waiting for you. Being in control has a very calming effect as there are no deadlines dictated by others.  


Boosting Self-Confidence

This is perhaps one of the most important benefits of running solo.

Developing a strategy and implementing it without any outside interference helps in boosting up your self-confidence. This, in turn, reflects your personality and makes you achieve positive results in whichever sphere of activity you embark upon.

It helps you in developing faith in your own capabilities. In an indirect manner, it helps you build your character.

By not relying on others but listening to your intuition and body talk helps you realize your true potential and achieve whatever goals you have set upon.

In short, solo running is not just about covering distances; it is also a great way to enhance your own potential and build your personality.


Jessica Natalie is a health and fitness lifestyle blogger who is passionate about running and wants to spread the love on her blog

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