Best Diet Food For Keeping You Toned And Charged Up 24×7

January 6, 2017

Working hard in the gym alone won’t help you lose fat and tone up. A good diet plan is equally important to achieve the desired goals and then to maintain it. If you’ve failed in the past to lose that fat on you and tone up, this could be one of the main reasons. So, to get you back on track we have a list of foods that will not just only help you get a toned body, but consuming them will also charge you up for the rest of the day. So, here are 8 of the most unlikely, cheap, and effective foods that you need to add to your grocery list without failing today.



With a long shelf life, they are also among one of the most underrated muscle building and toning weapons. But, if you take a closer look you’ll find them packed with all you require for this very purpose: protein, fiber, and slow digesting, low-impact carbohydrates. Thus, when cooked, a cup of lentils can provide up to 230 calories along with 18g of protein and 16g of fiber. However, the best part is that they come in mainly three varieties with a slightly different flavor. Among red, green and brown lentils, reach for red one if in a hurry since it cooks up in about 15 minutes, compared to 30 to 45 for other types.



Broccoli for long has been a part of the staple bodybuilding diet. It is rich in several unique antioxidants and compounds that can help to improve a person’s health in various ways. Indole-3-carbinol and D-glucaric acid are a few to name among them. They aid in getting rid of excessive estrogen, toxins from the body and even bind the synthetic compounds that mimic estrogen. Thus allowing to minimize the negative effect of estrogen on the muscle building process. So, it not only increases the level of testosterones, but it also fights off body fat storage to further aid the efforts to get a toned body. So, whether you roast it or steam it, do include it in your diet.



Beets are one of the most underrated veggies that are often least bought. But, they in actual are a great source of biotin or also known as Trimethylglycine. A nutrient that in particular, enhances the liver and joint repair. But, among the various potential benefits of red beetroot it has also been clinically proven to increase muscle strength and power by providing an NO boost just like the ingredients in Xtremeno natural muscle enhancer do. In addition to that, beetroot is low in calories, rich in dietary fiber and potassium that encourages to keep the body fueled steadily. So, toss them into your favorite salad or enjoy them along with a lean meat dish.



Quinoa is one of the most popular gluten-free and high in protein food that contains all the nine essential amino acids! Therefore, it is said as the king of the grains. Being high in fiber content, it keeps a person full for long. Whereas, the naturally occurring amino acids in it help to build the lean muscles and assist muscle recovery for a faster and stronger comeback. Its low glycemic index, on the other hand, helps to avoid high or low blood sugar levels and magnesium relaxes the blood vessels to improve blood circulation. So, instead of having a cup of cooked rice try quinoa with more protein in it.



Overall, soybeans have a wealth of health benefits that begin with the ability to improve the metabolism to help tone up the body. And, all these benefits come from the significant amount of vitamins, dietary fiber and protein present in it. Due to which it works in both ways if you wish to lose or gain weight in a healthy way. So, if you are serious about building some muscles do consume them in the form of tofu or edamame. They are the only vegetables with the highest level of lysine, an amino acid like L-Arginine in Xtremeno muscle builder supplement that helps to stimulate protein synthesis. Plus, it makes an excellent alternative for the vegetarians too.



Mackerel, a delicious fish that belongs to the same family as tuna, but with higher levels of omega 3 compared to others. Thus, it exhibits the ability to increase the blood flow to the muscles, reduce the breakdown of muscle protein, increase testosterone levels and decrease inflammation for faster recovery. For this very reason, it is considered as a secret weapon for toning up. Omega 3 being an essential fatty acid, is not naturally produced by the body, therefore it needs to be consumed from food rich in it or through supplements. So, do add this fish to your diet plan and along with it explore the other benefits of omega 3 fatty acids and where to find them?


Greek yogurt

The reason why Greek yogurt that’s made from the same source as that of plain yogurt is preferred over the latter is due to the presence of high protein and low carb ratio. Thus, making it ideal to consume. Since Greek yogurt is produced by straining excess liquid and carbohydrates from the regular yogurt, it results in higher concentrations of casein. A slower digesting milk protein supports lean muscle building by providing a steady increase in the blood amino acid levels. So, instead of reaching out to the ones with added fruits and sugar go for the plain version.


Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are one of the cleanest sources of fuel available. Thus, a reason good enough for athletes and anyone serious about bodybuilding to consider including it in their diet to get lean as well as build ripped muscles at once. High in complex carbs helps to stabilize the glucose levels in the body, which is the key to burning fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. Whereas, high fiber with low glycemic index helps to keep a person full for longer, thus preventing overeating. So, to enjoy this bundle of happiness by simply baking it in the oven with paprika and ground pepper sprinkled over it. Sounds delicious already, doesn’t it?


Now that you are aware as to what you need to have to get a toned body, do make sure to work out a little to make the whole process worthwhile. The list of the above-given foods being completely natural will not just only assist you to achieve desired results, they will also help you stay charged up throughout the day. If you wish to see the change you’ve always dreamt of, begin with changing your habits today!


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