The Best Foods for Muscle Building

May 30, 2017

For those of you who want to build muscles and keep fit, you probably already know that you’re going to have to invest time in the gym and in other types of training. However, no matter how diligently you work out, if you forget about nourishing yourself with enough of the correct nutrients, then all your time, effort and money spent training may produce disappointing results. In contrast, if you learn to utilize the best foods for muscle building combined with the proper exercises, the results could be amazing.

Let’s look at a variety of foods ranging through meats, dairy products, nuts and vegetables that you should really include in your diet if you want to build muscle and improve your fitness.


  • Beef


Red meat, in general, is a good source of protein, vitamin B12, iron and zinc. Among all the types of red meat, beef is especially rich in those nutrients. Adding fresh lean beef to your diet means that you are providing your body with high-quality protein and amino acids, which greatly contribute to the maintenance and growth of muscle tissue. Eating beef is also beneficial for those recovering from surgery or strenuous workouts because it helps the body with the growth and repair of muscle tissue. For those who want to lose weight, lean beef is also a good choice. Grass-fed beef is your healthiest option if you can obtain it.


  • Chicken or Turkey


If you want to reduce your red meat intake for fear of taking in too much fat, white meats such as chicken are good alternatives. They are high in protein but lower in fat than most red meats. Chicken breast is particularly low in fat with a high protein content. Every one hundred grams of chicken provides thirty grams of protein. Another plus is that it can be made into a huge variety of different dishes.



  • Wild Salmon


This is one of the best supplies of omega 3 fatty acids. These help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of many diseases. A 100g serving of salmon provides 22 – 25g of protein. Salmon aids bone health and prevents muscle loss. Wild salmon is more nutritious than farmed salmon, so try eating it on a regular basis and see how your muscle mass improves.


  • Whole Eggs


Considered one of the most nutritious foods, eggs contain a range of nutrients such as vitamins A and B, protein, phosphorus, and choline. Although eggs are high in cholesterol, cholesterol in the diet has been shown to not necessarily lead to high blood levels of cholesterol. A single egg contains about 6g of protein as well as the  essential amino acids that the body needs for building muscle mass.



  • Cottage cheese


Cottage cheese is a soft, white cheese with a mild flavor. It is an excellent source of protein, especially casein protein which accounts for 80% of its protein content. This slow-absorbed protein is as effective as whey protein for building muscle mass. Besides protein, other nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B12, sodium, and selenium are also found is this food.  


  • Chocolate Milk


Containing 8 different types of amino acids, as well as both casein and whey protein, milk is a wonderful recovery drink to have after an intense workout. It helps you recover better by supply your body with sufficient nutrients in the form of protein and carbohydrates as well as the fluid that your body loses during hard training. Have a container of chocolate milk with you to drink after each workout.


  • Quinoa


This difficult-to-pronounce little grain provides lots of wonderful nutrients. Despite being a grain, quinoa is a complete protein, having all nine essential amino acids. Quinoa is also high in fiber, vitamins B and E, calcium, phosphorus, protein, and antioxidants.


  • Almonds


These very popular tree nuts are rich in healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. A 28g serving of almonds provides around 6g of protein, so regularly having a handful of almonds as a snack will assist with not only muscle building, but also blood pressure control, lowering your cholesterol, and weight loss.


  • Spinach


If you’ve ever watched Popeye gain strength after eating spinach, you will remember the almost magic power this dark green leafy vegetables has in muscle building. High in protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals, spinach is also quite beneficial in lowering blood pressure, managing diabetes and preventing cancer. Eating 5 to 7 servings of greens such as spinach, broccoli, kale or asparagus would be ideal.


  • Water


It may sound incredible that water has anything to do with muscle building, but in fact it plays a vital role in every metabolic process in your body. Water accounts for 70% of our body mass, and up to 75% of the mass of muscle tissues. Hydration is essential when building muscle mass, so make sure you supply your body with sufficient water. If you don’t drink enough, your body will retain water and toxins, and your muscles won’t be able to recover well after an intense workout.  Besides keeping up an intake of pure water, you may also have green tea, and a small amount of fruit juice, which not only provides fluid but a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants too.


So far we have looked at a number of different foods which are considered best for those trying to build muscle bulk. Remember that although doing exercises and working out are undoubtedly beneficial for building muscle strength and bulk, your body also needs fuel to sustain that growth and activity. Eating a variety of nutritious foods, especially those high in protein, will provide your body with the  material it needs for muscle recovery and growth.


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