Best Workout Motivation Tips

February 12, 2018

Starting a workout plan is super easy, but staying motivated to continue with your training and follow your plan is a totally different story. However, if you have the right motivational tools and tips, you will stay motivated even when negative thoughts start clouding your workout days.

Write down your goals

Try to set specific goals and it will be easier to fulfil them. For instance, your goal can be to complete a race or lose 2 pounds. This will be much easier to focus on than if your goal is to just get fit. Set smaller and realistic goals, but don’t make them too easy to achieve. If your goal is easily achievable, you’ll become bored after a short time and won’t give 100%. After all, you need challenges. On the other hand, setting a goal that is too hard to achieve will kill your motivation.

Follow a training plan

No matter what your goal is, there are hundreds of different ways you can to achieve it. There is a training program for basically any goal, whether you want to improve your muscle mass or your endurance, or you want to lose weight. A training plan will give you a small daily goal to get to the gym, go for a run, or even just stretch and have a rest. This structure will increase your motivation and boost your chance to achieve your goal.

Find good role models

Find people or things that motivate and inspire you and try to keep them around you as a constant reminder. For instance, there might be people who have your ideal weight, figure or muscle definition, so keep their photo somewhere where you can see it several times a day. Even if there is no specific person who inspires you, you can simply find photos of your goal abs, glutes or biceps. If your goal is to run a marathon to raise money for a charity or cause, you can carry a photo of the people you’re raising money for. No matter why you’re training, these role models will remind you of your goal and improve your chances of achieving it.

Keep track of your progress

Don’t hesitate to keep close track of your progress. You can keep a workout diary or blog with all of your body measurements, gym visits, exercises, reps, times and feelings during your workout session. This will help you monitor your progress and allow you to see how far you’ve come. Once you hit a tough period, this will certainly give you the motivation you need to continue and even increase your training intensity.

Keep it interesting

Spicing up your workout will definitely keep it more interesting and help motivate you. Mixing up your regular routine with something new will also keep your body on its toes and prevent you from getting used to your workout and stopping your progress. For instance, if you regularly run, try to spice things up with a swimming or cycling session once a week.

Listen to music

Many people already have a habit of blasting their favourite music when they exercise, so it’s not really a revolutionary tip. However, there are various scientifically proven ways in which music helps you push through your workouts that not many people know. For instance, music provides you with good kind of distraction, the one that makes you forget about your exertion and pain. Your brain concentrates on processing music instead of focusing on pain. So, the faster the music the more distraction it provides. Music also puts you “in the zone” and helps you keep pace. Additionally, a fast rhythm actually makes you want to move which offers great motivation to hit the gym. You can get great noise cancelling headphones in Australia that will help you cancel all surrounding noise and concentrate on your workout.

Dress for success

Even though you don’t actually need designer workout clothes to have an effective training session, some people might find this super helpful and motivating. If you put on your best workout clothes it might put you in the right mind frame and help with your focus and performance. So, don’t hesitate to splurge on some high-quality gear.

Try not to overtrain

You might be eager to achieve your goal by training harder and for a longer time, but increasing the duration and the intensity too much and too quickly is a huge demotivator. You are risking both boredom and many different injuries that will set you back and make achieving your goal even harder. However, if you keep to your structured plan and don’t rush things, you will stay on track to success.

Treat yourself

Make sure to enjoy your success and give yourself a regular treat. For instance, have your favourite meal or treat yourself to your favourite cocktail once a week. This will satisfy your cravings and help you stay on track with your diet plan and workout goals.

So, when you really decide to start working out, make sure to follow these motivational tips that will make the workout process easier and more satisfying. Once the first few months of working out pass, you won’t even need to rely on these motivational tips anymore. Workouts will become a part of your lifestyle.

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