Can You Lose Weight with Insanity Workouts?

April 7, 2017

This question might have come across your mind if you already encountered this term. Insanity workout has created a lot of buzz in the fitness and weight loss industry.

Does it really work? If you are interested in learning if this is the kind of workout that can help you shed a few pounds and reach your target weight, then this article is for you.

  1. Insanity Workout Overview

Insanity workout refers to a complete body workout, which does not require you to use any fitness equipment nor visit the gym. It is something that you can do at the comforts of your own home. Interesting, right? Note, however, that just like any other forms of workout, it requires effort on your part.

With this form of workout, you need to make use of your own body weight. Based on another fitness method known as max interval training, Insanity requires you to work out at an intense pace for a short period then take a rest for a long period in between the intense paces.

One thing that makes Insanity very popular at present is that it claims to boost your aerobic fitness level while also boosting the fat burning ability of your body. The intense exercises involved in the program can help burn up to a thousand calories per hour.

It should be noted that the Insanity program consists of ten workouts with every routine requiring around 30-60 minutes to accomplish. It is important for you to do it for six days every week. It is a 60-day workout program, which also gives you the freedom to make some changes to your exercise schedule every week.

  1. Benefits of the Insanity Workout Program

While Insanity is quite hard and challenging for some people, you have an assurance that the answer to the question “can you lose weight with insanity” workouts is affirmative.

Yes, it is actually possible for you to achieve your desired weight loss provided you stick to the rules of the program. Here are just some of the many benefits that the Insanity Workout Program can offer you:

1, Improves Fitness While Controlling your Weight

Since Insanity combines plenty of good workouts, like aerobics, plyometric, and high-intensity intervals, it is safe to say that it works effectively in improving your fitness level.

It promises to control your weight while also ensuring that you will have a toned body once you complete the entire program.

2, Strengthens and Tones Muscles

Another thing that you can expect Insanity to do is to strengthen your muscles while also keeping them well-toned. This is possible by building your strength.

Several workouts included in Insanity focus more on toning your lower and upper body. The good thing about them is that they do not require you to use additional fitness equipment. It is possible for you to tone and strengthen your body and muscles by using your own body weight.

3, Allows You to Perform Strength or Resistance Training

These are among the workouts that the Insanity program includes. These two forms of training are good for you as they minimize your risk of suffering from injury, boost your strength and maintain a healthy bone mineral density.  

4, Burns Calories

Another thing that Insanity workout can do is help you shed off excess body fats. It does so as a means of making your muscles become more visible, giving you a well-toned physique.

It should be noted that you can lose weight if you were able to burn more calories than what you take in, which is what we call as the calorie deficit. It is possible for you to achieve that with Insanity.

Note that the program can help you burn up to a thousand calories every hour. In most cases, the workout also lasts for around 30-86 minutes, making it possible for you to burn the maximum amount of calories it can.

III. How to Make it Work?

With all the mentioned benefits, it is safe to say that Insanity workout can really help you lose weight. It is possible for you to achieve that goal plus keep your entire body well-toned if you stick to the program consistently.

Aside from the ten workouts, you need to ensure that you strictly follow the built-in calendar composed of a workout schedule for sixty days. In case you are demotivated, then you can always seek the aid of the program’s online support. Such can motivate you to bring back your desire to work out.

Furthermore, there is a nutrition plan that you have to consider sticking to. This is crucial so you can boost your energy, especially when exercising. The good thing about Insanity is that it does not only help you lose weight and get toned, it also boosts your aerobic, cardiovascular and fitness activities.

  1. Wearing the Right Shoes

Aside from sticking to the recommended nutrition plan and the provided workout schedule, it is also necessary for you to wear the right shoes for Insanity workout.

Keep in mind that you will be doing intense exercises so it is just right to pair it up with a good footwear. Look for a shoe, which can support your intense movements when working out and you will be able to gain the benefits promised by the Insanity workout program.

  1. Conclusion

So can you lose weight with Insanity workouts? Of course, the answer is yes. By ensuring that you stick to everything that the program recommends and advises, you have higher chances of improving your physique within the 60-day period.

All it takes is your motivation to succeed in this program. It is also necessary to buy a good pair of shoes that can support your movements to increase your chances of achieving your desired weight loss results.

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