Caring for the Elderly: What Is Causing Your Loved One’s Resistance

November 7, 2016

Every stage in life comes with its own challenges and specific charm. Every step of the way, we try to make the right decisions that ensure a better future life experience. When we are children, we take in life with pure joy and are less affected by circumstances. Once we reach adulthood, we become more aware of everything that surrounds us and always try to think for the future.

As we reach the senior age, we already have a lifetime experience and need to find new ways of enjoying our life at the given stage. The elderly in our life are important. They have played a huge role in our existence and are like an open door to wisdom and valuable history. Therefore, we must care for them dearly and deal with their resistance when this might be the case. Let’s see why and how we can manage to do so.

Resistance to Elderly Care: What Causes It

The elderly have reached that stage in life when they do not feel as active and efficient as they did in the past. This is the main reason why they are sometimes resistant to proper care. They want to be independent and still get that feeling of freedom that we all need so bad in life. What you should do is make them understand from the beginning that you want to care for them because you love them and not due to the fact that they might not be able to take care of themselves anymore.

They need to know and truly believe the fact that they are still a valuable part of your family and that your care comes only from your wish to offer them the best conditions, the same way they provided for you when you needed their help. They should understand their role in your life and how important it is for them never to give up on joy, peace and proper balance in their life.

Moreover, resistance can also come from several physical or mental issues they might be dealing with in their senior stage. This is enough reason to be more understanding of their condition and guide them step by step so that they might receive the help they need consciously and with an open heart.

Choose the Right Way and Time to Help Them Understand

No one can be offered efficient support unless they are willing to receive it. The resistance encountered in the case of elderly care can be caused by stubbornness or physical and mental health concerns that do not allow them to receive your help as they should. It is then that you must determine the type of help required to be offered and choose the right time to explain everything to them in terms that they can understand and fully comply with.

Their needs and preferences come first during the overall process of care. You need to understand how they think and what they want in their life during this stage to find the proper way in which to help them so that they might receive and accept the best support that they can get. They might be resistant because they do not like the place they are living in. In this case, you should discuss the issue and reach a better conclusion from this perspective together.

Also, certain seniors may also feel more attached by certain family members whom they would like to take care of them instead of being offered support from strangers. This is another situation in which proper communication can help solve the issues. If you explain to them why something may or may not be possible or to what extent you can make it happen, you will find the perfect solution together. You must also be aware of the fact that they come first on your list of concerns and their needs are the ones that influence the strategy that should be chosen.

Work Together as a Team to Ensure Proper Care

Taking care of the elderly can be a challenging process but with love and patience, you can reach the perfect path to make sure they live well at this stage in their life. Work together with other family members as well as professionals in care homes London to make sure that all their needs and requirements are properly covered.

Sometimes, when you try to do everything on your own you may become overwhelmed by the pressure as well. However, if you share the joy and challenges of this experiences with other people surrounding you, everything will turn into a pleasant road for yourself and the elderly in your life. They deserve the best care you can offer as well as professional medical support to keep them feeling comfortable and in a good health condition.

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