Top 6 Contribution of iPhone to solve health problems

February 22, 2016

For the longest time, Apple has been looking for ways of improving the welfare of its users in all spheres of life. They realized that in this time and age people are more conscious of their health habits owing to an increase in cases of lifestyle diseases. Most people enroll in health clubs to keep their weight in check, balance blood sugar and maintain healthy blood pressure among others. After many years of trials, it is until last year that Apple managed to launch a platform going by the name research kit.

It is an inbuilt feature which enables users to install to install medical apps capable of recording and analyzing factors such as heart rate, metabolism, and location among others. Thanks to this innovation, doctors are now able to get more accurate information about their patients, while the patients have reduced their doctor visits significantly since they can now monitor their health from home. Doctors have taken advantage of this platform to develop apps for different health conditions such as epilepsy, autism, heart disease, hypertension and concussions among others. Some of the most significant contributions that iPhone has made towards the health sector through the research kit include:

  1. Asthma monitoring

It is now possible to track the progress of Asthma patients without having to admit them to a health facility; according to the latest tech news. Initially, administering medication to Asthmatic patients was mainly pegged on what they will say, and this was tricky especially for toddlers and people with speech-related disabilities. With Asthma health, it is now possible to detect symptoms of an impending attack without having to ask the patient how they are feeling. It is also possible to track whether inhalers and medications are taken adequately. Besides this, Asthma Health also tracks and records the physical activities the patient engages in as well as the weather conditions. It means that all the doctors need to do analyze the information from the App and decide on the best course of action in treating and controlling the condition.

  1. Epilepsy seizures tracking

The research kit has supported the development of EpiWatch, an App that allows epileptic patients to monitor and record seizures and triggers. The App is installed on the Apple watch which the patient is required to wear all the time for more accurate findings. It can detect when the patient is having a seizure, and this information helps the doctors to know the frequency of attacks and the spacing between them. From this, they can also tell the severity of the problem and the conditions under which the attacks are more likely to occur. This App can give warnings whenever it senses a seizure, and this will help the caregivers to ensure safety around the patient.

  1. Skin Cancer Detection

It has been made possible by the Mole Mapper, another mobile phone App supported by the research kit. This app enables users to follow up on their skins’ moles to detect abnormalities such as changes in color, size or shape. This observation of the moles is one of the globally accepted ways testing for skin cancer. The app uses the phone’s camera to observe the skin and detect any irregularities. From these findings, a patient can be able to take further tests in case they suspect any anomaly. It is a big break since early detection of all types of cancers is considered the greatest challenge in oncology. Besides skin cancer diagnosis, this app also enables the user to track their melanin levels to know the best environment for healthy skin.

  1. Detection of developmental disorders, like Autism

The iPhone’s video feature can be used to scan facial expressions in children with an aim of detecting developmental disorders such as Autism. This process involves positioning the baby directly in front of the camera and making sure they have nothing in their mouths, including pacifiers as these may affect their facial expressions. The parent or caregiver should allow the child to look as natural as possible and not try to influence their emotions. There is no special App for this function, but medical experts say that videos of the baby taken when they are in their comfort zone can be observed for any abnormal behavior. It includes how they smile, their reaction to the video and head position among other traits.

  1. Brain injury detection

After being involved in an accident, most people are usually given a clean bill of health just to get worse a few days later. Brain injuries commonly known as concussions are very difficult to detect, even with scans, and this has led to deaths that could have been avoided. The Concussion tracker is an App that allows iPhone users to determine whether there is any undetected injury in the head. It monitors heartbeat; distance walked before the patient got tired and the pace they were walking with.

  1. Pride Study App

It is an app that is supported by IPhones and used to detect the behavior and risk factors associated with homosexuality and Transgenders. The App gained popularity faster because it caught the attention of people in these minority communities and it came with a promise to help them better their lives and health. The information fed into the App remains confidential, and only statistics are published without mentioning the participants. This way these people can know what is happening in their communities and take appropriate action.


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