How to Create a Healthier Workplace

July 27, 2016

Creating a healthier workplace isn’t an easy task, especially if you’ve got a lot of employees under your care. Whether you’re the big boss in the company, or if you’re in the HR where your main concern is the employees’ sake, here are things that you might want to consider so that you can improve your employee’s health and wellness while at work.

Make Your Employees Happy

As an employer, your ultimate goal would be the continuous progress of your business. To achieve this, you will need to have empowered employees. One thing you can do about it is to keep them happy and motivated since that will significantly affect their performance at work. It has been proven and tested that employees who are satisfied with their workplace’ atmosphere, their benefits, as well as their boss’ treatment to them would affect their productivity in their jobs.

A simple “You did a great job!” will go a long way in boosting your employee’s morale and that simple acknowledgment will make them more empowered, making them do their utmost best in whatever they are assigned to do.

Follow Health and Safety Guidelines

There are specific guidelines that each company should follow to ensure the health and safety of each and every employee. As an employer, it is a must that you can address this and that the health of everyone is regularly monitored. Conduct regular check-ups and see to it that your employees are in tip-top shape for them to be more productive and effective at work.

Also, make sure that your workplace is following the safety standards. The area should be conducive to learning and work, and it should always make the employees feel comfortable. Keep track of safety risks and have your maintenance team to check everything so that these can be addressed as early as possible, so as to not affect the employees and everyone inside the workplace.

Employees Should Feel Comfortable at Work

One important way to make your employees comfortable is to provide them with the right chair in their respective desks. For employees who sit in front of the computer for long periods of time will tend to get tired after a few hours. The chair that is used is crucial equipment that should be sturdy and durable enough to make the employees feel comfortable despite sitting for long hours.

Aside from ensuring that employees get to sit comfortably, the whole work environment should be comfortable enough. When employees feel good with their workplace and their colleagues, they will be more effective at work.

Mingle with Different People from Work

In the workplace, it is a given that there are lots of people whose personalities differ from each other completely. As an employer, you have to see to it that your employees can engage with other people. You may conduct activities that will enhance their teamwork and relationship towards each other.

Team building activities are a must for companies with many employees. People will most likely interact only with those from their departments and nearby areas, so you can set such activities to let them meet people from various departments and also allow them to break away from their stressful work and let them have fun.

Staff Policies Should Be Clear and Fair

Policies at work are made to ensure that standards are followed, employees’ safety is in mind, and that there are no acts that will put the company and its employees at harm. The management should formulate policies for the staff and make sure that these are followed religiously.

Gather your employees and inform them adequately about existing policies and even new ones, if there are any. With these, they will be aware and can reflect on their actions and performance. Emphasize that the policies will not favour anybody, regardless of the position in the company. That way, fairness for all is shown, and employees will be more careful and obedient towards these policies. You can consult with some workers compensation attorney in Rochester to be more informed with this area.

Conduct Health Screenings at Work

Because of work, there are times when your employees would neglect their health, particularly going for check-ups with their doctors. The best thing that can be done to address this is to have the management conduct health screenings and extensive check-ups at work. That way, they won’t have to go through the arduous process of filing the leave of absences just to schedule an appointment with their doctors.

When you bring in medical professionals to check for employees’ health status, this will also help your employees to save up on their costs. It is also one way to empower your employees since doing so would make them feel that you are concerned with their wellness. It also brings everyone together and let them work on ensuring each other’s health wellness.

Fresh Produce Should Be Provided at Work

Companies can do a lot of activities to make sure that their employees are getting their share of fresh products even at work. You can have deliveries of fresh fruits sent to the workplace and have these distributed to each of your employees regularly. You can do this perhaps once or twice a week.

Also, encourage your employees to cut down their junk food intake during breaks and opt for healthier foods. If your company has their cafeteria, you can lessen or totally eliminate the presence of unhealthy foods and make sure that the only available ones are those that are healthy.

If your company is not yet doing these tips yet, you can slowly start in implementing so your employees can also start embracing the new culture at work which emphasizes their health and wellness. You can follow these or even come up with innovative ideas to focus more on everyone’s health and promote wellness at work.

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