How to Decrease Stress When Moving to a New City

May 12, 2017

It’s in human nature to resist change. Because of this, many people refuse good job offers and opportunities. The mere mention of the stress involved with moving to a new city can make people “drop the anchor” even stronger.

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. A lot of our stress comes from within, so naturally, there are some great tips and tricks you can apply, if you are stressed out because you have to move. You don’t have to be afraid, just be cautious, and with these tips, you will very likely even enjoy your move.

Research Location

It can be quite a challenge to adapt to your new location. Even more so if you don’t know anything about your new home-to-be. You know which city you’re moving to, and that’s a great start. Now, rent a room there, or call a buddy from that city and ask him to hang out for a weekend. This will give you great opportunity to learn about your new surroundings naturally.


  • Check neighborhoods – You know your needs the best, so look for the surroundings that suit those needs in the best way. If you’re into sports – check vicinity of gyms and courts to neighborhoods. If you prefer peace and quiet – you should look for the places near parks, or with better positioning. Just a simple walk around the place can help you decide where you want to settle.
  • Check activities – Changing the scenery also means changing the usual activities you partake in. You should keep an eye out on the events and activities taking place in your potential new home city. Search the web for events in the vicinity and look for the activities you like. You can even ask around. You might even discover something new right down the block from your new place.


  • Set your budget – Once you know the location, and you have a place to move to, it’s time to organize the budget for the move. The least stressful thing to do is to hire a professional. When it comes to logistics, transport, and even insurance – you are covered, but this is a costly solution. The cheapest one is of course, to do everything yourself. This calls for time, coordination, planning, and even though it might seem cheaper, it may not be. Road tolls, emergency cases, even parking money are some of the issues you may run into.


Prepare and Organize

The marked date in the calendar is getting closer, so smartest thing to do is to prepare ahead. Try to organize everything properly, and focus on what you really need. You are changing a serious part of your life, but it doesn’t have to be rushed or done in panic.

  • Donate unnecessary stuff – There are a lot of emotional connections between us and the things we buy. Sometimes it can be really hard to throw away that old T-shirt you have since the middle school, but do you really need it? Go through your belongings carefully. There are probably a ton of things you don’t even remember wearing. Some of those things can really help someone else, and organizations like Goodwill, Red Cross and Unicef take various donations and give them to those in need. You can help others and make it easier for yourself to pack for the move.
  • Gather supplies – Don’t wait for the last moment to realize – I don’t have where to put all these things! Plan it through. Start gathering boxes of different sizes, bags, old newspapers which can be a very cheap substitution for bubble wrap. You will need measuring tape, and packing tape. There are great internet stores and many local stores might help you if you just ask politely.
  • Pack, label, and organize – By the words of removalists Sydney experts, easiest way to avoid stress when packing is to properly organize everything. Take your time, but be thorough. If you are labeling your stuff, initial unpacking in your new home will be extremely stress-free. This also helps reduce risk of losing anything. Make sure you secure fragile things, and think about the furniture. Some things are great, some are necessary, but think about the true value. Old wooden cabinets and creaking heavy beds are something you can surely do without. Evaluating all the things you have to see what you really need in your new place can help you save some money, and if you sell some of your old pieces online, you can even earn some.


Adapting to stressful situations is difficult. Our ability to adapt to such situations differs from each individual to another. Luckily, there are some general tips and trick that have proven really helpful in stressful situations tied to moving.

With careful planning, and these tips in mind, you might find the entire experience less stressful. There is no way to be completely calm about it, but there are various ways that can help avoid serious stressing-out.


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