Why Dental Implants are the Best Replacement for Missing Teeth

August 17, 2016

Tim Bell, in his early 40s, met with a freak accident and lost some of his natural teeth. This incident was unfortunate and it turned his life upside down. The woes were not restricted to the physical part of the body alone but they also spilled over to impact the psychological side along the way.  

Similarly, the loss of natural teeth made him face a lot of problems in everyday activities like eating and speaking. He lost the aesthetical value of the face and the glow of smile disappeared in no time. His self-esteem went for a toss and the level of confidence reached all-time low.

The situation was unspeakable as he was gripped with inferiority complex and this forced him to stop venturing out and socializing with the circle of friends. He had been turned into a bundle of frustration and nothing seemed working in the favour. This is when he heard about dental implants and decided to go for it.

Why Dental Implants?   

The story of Tim Bell is not unique as like him, there are thousands or millions others worldwide who face the same set of problems in the wake of missing natural teeth. For them all, dental implants do the trick, or bring the much-desired magic.

Let’s look at why implants are needed –               

  • For anyone with one or more missing natural teeth  
  • Those who look to get a durable replacement for their missing teeth   
  • To restore the facial aesthetics lost due to the missing teeth    
  • Those who face problems in eating or speaking  
  • To get pulled away from the inconvenience and discomfort caused by dentures and their bad fitting  

Why Implants are the Best Option?

We know there are a number of dental prosthetics available in the market to help us gain normalcy from the troubles of missing teeth. We should know that dental implants are better than other options for benefits they bring. With them around, you won’t look at bridges or dentures for sure.

Here are top reasons that make implants the best replacement option for your missing natural teeth.


Implants look and feel like natural teeth. They resemble your real teeth so closely that people find them the next best thing to natural teeth. This is a major reason of their ever-growing popularity worldwide. After all, nobody likes using prosthetics that either look unnatural or that pose a lot of problems in fitting.


Dental implants are a durable option to replace the missing teeth. They are a long-term solution and in fact, they are a one-time investment. They even outlive the patient in most cases, which speaks volume about their durability. This is also one of major reasons why people look to get only implants for replacement of the missing teeth.

Freedom of Eating Anything

People generally avoid getting dentures as with them, their eating freedom is gone. They can neither eat hard food items or sticky ones for a considerable period of time. Nothing of this sort tags along implants as people who choose them can go on and eat their favourite foods as and when needed, which helps make it the most-liked replacement option for the missing teeth.

No Difficulty in Speaking

While other dental prosthetics such as dentures pose a lot of problems in speaking, implants are free from such limitations. Their replacement means one can speak as freely and clearly as when with natural teeth. The voice remains as clear as needed and people don’t face any issue to decoding what is said. 


Implants bring the same kind of comfort and convenience as natural teeth do. They never pose problems in fitting and neither will never feel like falling off the mouth. Natural feeling apart, they bring the same convenience that you often associate with real teeth and this is what makes them popular.

Improved Oral Hygiene

Brushing is never easy with either dentures or bridges. They in fact make cleaning quite a cumbersome task. On the other hand, dental implants pose absolutely no problem in cleaning or hygiene. Since they work and feel like natural teeth, you can maintain them likewise without being troubled a wee bit. This is one of top reasons of their popularity among people with missing teeth.  

Helpful for Natural Teeth Structure

Dental implants don’t pose any risk or harm to the natural teeth structure. They don’t impact the adjacent teeth in any negative manner as they don’t involve much of preparation of fabrication. Once replaced, they work as you’d expect the natural teeth to do. That’s why dentists too recommend them over other available dental prosthetics in the market.

In overall, losing or missing natural teeth can take quality out of the life and you should seek their replacement at the earliest to live a life with full of rewards and full of confidence.

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