Design A Perfect Workout Program To Enhance Your Physical & Mental Health

August 25, 2017

There are countless reasons to stay fit and hence you should always aim at enhancing your muscle strength and brain health. Until and unless the feeling of maintaining a good physical and mental health comes naturally to you, it won’t be easy to for you to achieve your fitness goals. You shouldn’t encourage an attitude wherein you rely on others for improving your fitness levels.


One of the biggest reasons for people finding it difficult to live a cheerful life is that they fail to give importance to their physical health and well-being at the right time. When you fail to work on your fitness at the right time, there is absolutely no point of crying over it when your health starts to deteriorate.


It’s quite true that you must maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind to relish a content life, and in order to do that, it’s crucial for you to start an effective workout routine. Your poor physical fitness puts you at the risk of receiving several life-threatening diseases.


Here is how you can design a perfect workout routine for maintaining great physical and mental health.


Set Realistic Goals – Start with walking


If you do not enjoy an active lifestyle it’s better to start small and then keep on increasing your physical activities with each passing week. If you really want to bring an actual change in your life, it’s better to start with 20-minutes walk so that you easily stick to it. One of the biggest reasons for people experiencing failure when it comes to maintaining a perfect workout routine is that they set unrealistic goals.


You should never try to do something which you can’t stick to for a longer time. Hence starting with a 20-minutes walk each day can prove to be really helpful to you. If you manage to continue with this activity for a week, you can then increase your time limit and make it 30-minutes each day.


Once you start observing that walking is bringing a concrete change in your fitness level, you can then increase this activity from 30-minutes each day to 45-minutes and you will surely experience a great change in your health after that. Walking is a great option for people who are struggling with overweight because if they start doing hard exercises right at the beginning, that can prove to be harmful to them. In addition to that, walking is also a great option for pregnant women, when it comes to staying active and fit.


Some of the biggest advantages of walking include improved cardiovascular fitness, reduction in blood pressure and stronger leg muscles.

Introduce Running


Once you start enjoying your workout sessions, you can then introduce running which is way too effective than walking. A number of calories that you burn after walking for one hour is equal to a number of calories burnt by a runner in 30-minutes. It means you need to take smart steps once you begin to understand the importance of sticking to your fitness routine. If your fitness goal is to reduce weight, then running is an excellent exercise for you.


Before you start running, make sure that you have right shoes which are designed to keep your legs safe, otherwise, you may end up injuring yourself. Both walking and running are inexpensive exercises and hence you must try them.


When you run at a good speed it helps in improving the health of your heart apart from strengthening the muscles of your legs.


Go For Swimming


Swimming is also a great option for maintaining good physical fitness. This is one of the best exercises that can be carried out in the summers because it also helps in beating the heat. It is a kind of exercise that you can enjoy at any time of the day whenever you have time. It’s a type of exercise that you can easily enjoy with your children and spouse whenever you are free. It helps in improving the flexibility of your body because you have to use your hands and legs like anything.


All the exercises that you have discussed above come under aerobic exercises which are very important for your physical and mental well-being.


Include Healthy Foods In Your Diet


If you focus only on your workout sessions and fail to give importance to your diet, then will never be able to achieve your fitness goals. Hence, make sure that you stick to a healthy diet which is full of green leafy veggies, protein-packed pulses, eggs, and nutritious fruits. If you fail to consume a balanced diet, then you won’t be able to provide the much-needed nutrients to your body, which eventually has a negative impact on your growth and development.


In fact, whenever you struggle with any sort of pain and discomfort that is either caused by an injury or an underlying medical condition, your doctor often asks you to go for physical therapy, wherein your therapist suggest you to practice physical activities for recovering from your condition.


For example, if you are struggling with a severe back and neck pain, then your doctor may suggest you consult a physical therapy center like Whole Body Health Physical Therapy. And once you consult your therapist, they always suggest effective exercises such as stretching and strength training exercises for improving your condition.


Aerobic exercises are not only important for improving your physical fitness but they are equally crucial for enhancing your brain power, so you must include them in your work out routine.

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