Easy Ideas for Couch Potatoes to Bake more Calories in Daily Movements

November 29, 2016

Whenever we talk about general wellbeing, going to the gym to stay healthy is not enough. If you want to feel good inside out, you need to burn more calories and move more. Less sitting keeps you stronger, and believe it or not non exercise activity thermo genesis, also known as NEAT, can have a positive impact on the way you feel; even when you don’t have time to hit the gym.

Moving even the smallest and most insignificant muscles in your body demands energy. Did you know that your body burns 1.5 calories/minute when you lie down it in front of a laptop typing or writing? Stand up and relocate to the desk; sitting in a chair to perform daily activities on a computers burns with 25% more calories than when you lie in bed, for example. The more you move – even when you’re sitting in a chair – the more calories you burn. Little by little, these small movements add up and can make a difference.

Commit to moving around more

If your job involves sitting at a desk, and as soon as you get home you hit the couch, you might want to stop doing that. Train yourself and your body to get up and move around more often. It might help you feel better and more energized. A sedentary lifestyle can have severe effects on our bodies. Our bones lose flexibility, we start getting headaches all the time, and we might even experience aches and pains from a very early age.

Ty to get up every hour and walk to the kitchen to drink more water. Stand up every 30 minutes to stretch, or maybe do some sit-ups. It might not seem much but you’ll burn a lot of calories. Another great way to make yourself feel better is to stand up every time there’s a commercial on TV. Walk around, take the dog out, or maybe do some exercises for beginners.

Get yourself a pedometer

It may not seem like much, but it works. If you want know exactly how much you currently move – and then be motivated to do better – it might be a good idea to get a pedometer. The gadget is quite inexpensive, and all you have to do it clip it on your belt. It will count the steps that you take, and it also tracks the exercises you perform at home. This device helps you in getting motivation towards staying active.

Increase your daily steps

You’ve purchased a pedometer, and now it’s time to make the most of your NEAT exercises. Find creative ways to increase your daily steps. For example, rather than take the elevator to get home, you should take the stairs. Or, just for 2 days a week, leave the car in the garage and walk to work. Extra steps add up in time. You can also go to buy grocery and daily needs. Just ditch your car for some time. Don’t stress yourself too much though, and rather focus on being consistent. Believe it or not, your effort will pay off big time. Also, this sort of mild exercise can boost your motivation to do better, and maybe opt for other types of exercises too.

Pacing & Fidgeting

Pacing and fidgeting are not often associated with exercise. Many people find those that constantly fidget annoying and irritable. However, it is an excellent way to shed extra weight. Rather than sit on the couch when you talk on the phone, why not try to move around? Take NEAT action and your body will feel that it’s changing. Shift from one foot to another, move your entire body, and you’ll sense the difference.

Cleaning the house & dancing

Everybody cleans their homes at least 2 times per week. So why not clean and dance at the same time? Pun on some music, and let the dancing begin. Move around, feel the beat, and clean. Vacuum, scrub and iron, but do it in style. Make your house sparkle, at the same time, burn calories and make your body feel better than ever too. It is the best exercise one can do without moving out of the house. The best part is many household tasks are also completed because of this.

In some way or another, we’re all couch potatoes. We work a lot, and when we get home we just want to sit down, watch TV or sleep. If you feel that you don’t have any energy to work out or burn calories moving around the house, a good idea might be supplementation. Maca tablets, green tea supplements and protein-rich foods are all highly recommended. They’ll pump your body with lots of energy, and you’ll be more capable of performing daily activities without feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

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