How to Embrace Your Life After Finishing Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment?

October 17, 2017

When you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, the very thought of living your life without them shakes your body from top to bottom. An addict’s entire world revolves around drugs/alcohol, and that’s the reason they can’t think much about other important things in their life. They put their job, and personal as well as social life at risk only to get that rewarding experience that they receive after the consumption of drugs/alcohol.

Thinking about life without indulging with addictive substances is just not possible for them until and unless they take a proper treatment for recovering from their problem.

Therefore, taking a proper treatment is very important if you really want to make that momentous transition in your life wherein you can live without drugs or alcohol.

A Brief Account of Drug/Alcohol Treatment

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres are the best places to treat mental problems like addiction. If you consume them in high quantities, both drugs and alcohol can have highly brutal effects on your brain. They badly affect the way your brain works which is reflected in your behaviour when you are completely drunk or get too high. Your addiction affects your health tremendously and that’s the reason you always remain unhappy and depressed.

When you visit a rehab centre, you get to meet a highly skilled team of healthcare professionals, which include mental health specialists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, and counsellors etc., who examine your brain disease in detail by evaluating your medical history and existing condition.

Whether you talk about the curing alcohol addiction or drug addiction, the same treatment is never given to all the patients. Treatment plans are actually designed based on the severity of an illness. Medication is offered to the patients along with behavioural therapy. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the best treatment for dealing with both alcohol and drug addiction. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy makes it easier for patients to develop powerful coping strategies which eventually helps in improving their self-control. It creates awareness among the patients about the negative consequences of drug/alcohol abuse which makes them strong enough to take right decisions for recovering from their problems. CHARTER Harley Street, a well-known rehab centre in London also provide effective treatment for different types of addictions including drug and alcohol addiction.

Once you are done with your treatment you need to follow following things to prevent relapse.

Make New Friends

Your friend circle plays a crucial role in changing your behaviour, for example, if your friends hate alcohol /drug you will never talk about these things when you are out with them. If they do not consume any kinds of addictive substances, you will also stay away from such things. Another important thing is that when you are with your friends time flies like anything and you feel very happy. On the other hand, if you sit alone in your room, different types of thoughts start coming to your mind and chances are that you may start thinking about drugs/alcohol again, which can lead to relapse.

So, try to befriend those people who stay away from addictive substances.

Increase Your Interaction with Your Family

In order to prevent relapse after treatment, it’s very important to keep yourself occupied with something interesting. One of the best ways to keep yourself busy is to enhance your interactions with your loved one. Try to talk to your parents or spouse more, so that you can come close to them. Try to build that gap which was created between you and your loved ones during your illness by mingling with them. Make a point that you take your breakfast and dinner together with your family and share all your problems with them effectively. Your family protects you from everything so it’s better to share all your negative feelings with them so that they can show you the right path to deal with them.

Concentrate on Your Fitness

Working on your fitness is very important for improving your physical and mental health so start following a robust fitness routine. You can join a gym and take the help of a skilled fitness instructor to improve your fitness level. Joining gym is not only important for improving your health, but it also helps in keeping you occupied.


Try to Find an Interesting Job

If you had lost your job due to your addiction, then it’s the perfect time to find a new one that’s quite interesting. Remember, you feel like working hard only if you are doing something that you are interested into. Once you get a job make it sure that you try to increase your productivity by concentrating on it. All you have to do is try to finish your task before the deadline, this will not only improve your image in front of your seniors and keep you occupied but will also improve your confidence.

In addition to that, you should also try to learn a new skill such as writing, painting, learning music, or learning a new sport etc., if you want to prevent yourself from relapsing.

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