7 Great Dental Hygiene Tips To Follow

September 8, 2016

What is the easiest way to have a great smile? The answer is, good oral hygiene. Yes, you can never have a bright and dazzling smile with poor oral hygiene. What’s more, not taking proper care to maintain dental hygiene can cause a range of other health issues.   

You should understand that your overall health is also dependent on the kind of dental health you possess. In fact, you could face heart disease, strokes, bone loss, gum issues when your dental health is not in right order. So, can you afford being plagued down by such diseases?

Of course not, and this is why keeping the teeth clean or having a bright smile is important in order to leave a healthy life. You just can’t afford ignoring your dental health hoping things to fall automatically into place. Sadly, it may lead to some really serious health problems for sure.  What you’re supposed to –

  • Giving regular care and focus to your teeth and gums
  • Never avoiding brushing and cleaning acts
  • Visiting the dentist on a regular basis
  • Getting dental check-up at least twice a year
  • Following all the dentist’s instructions diligently  

Quite clearly, these are some simple ways in which you can maintain healthy teeth.

Dental hygiene tips not to ignore  

Having great oral hygiene is important as without it, you just can’t expect to lead a healthy life. You should therefore follow some of the tips discussed below to get excellent results.

Here are some tips:

1. Brushing in a proper manner

Brushing in a proper manner is the easiest thing to keep the teeth clean and healthy. Proper manner means you should use the brush in circular manner and go gentle with the act. You need to follow the ‘up-and-down’ and ‘back-and-forth’ motion to clean the outer surfaces of the teeth. Along with the teeth, you also need to brush the tongue surface and mouth roof to take out bacteria.

2. Brushing how the dentist recommends

Dentists worldwide recommend brushing twice a day. Doing it once in the morning is not enough and you have to repeat it again before hitting the bed. More importantly, you should spend at least 2-4 minutes daily for brushing to get desired results. Make sure to use only a toothbrush that has soft bristles as hard ones can weaken the teeth and cause them to bleed.

3. Floss and clean the tongue

You should not expect the brushing alone to take out all the bacteria and plaque from the mouth. What about those stuck between the teeth? This is where flossing becomes important and that too, on a daily basis. Similarly, you need to clean the surface of the tongue daily with a tongue cleaner. Not doing this means giving bacteria a chance to do damage the teeth gradually.    

4. Avoid Tobacco, avoid smoking

Smoking stains the teeth. It takes the shine and dazzle away and leaves you with yellowish denture to live with. Similarly, tobacco is even a greater risk as it causes oral cancer and a range of other periodontal complications. If you want healthy and pearly white teeth, you just can’t afford either smoking or using tobacco. Stay away from them as much as you could to manage your dental health.

5. Cut down your intake of tea, coffee, alcohol and soda

Tooth decay and gum diseases are the end result for those who are regular with either tea, coffee, alcohol or soda. All these contain additives and can make the teeth look dull and discoloured. If you can’t stop consuming these beverages, you should at least try to limit their amount or cut back on the frequency. Sugary drinks are harmful to your teeth and gums, and they should be avoided.   

6. Eat only helpful food items

You should understand that consuming too much of sugar or starch can cause germs and bacteria to harm the teeth. Hence, you should eat food items low on starches and sugar. You can include milk, yogurt, broccoli, cheese and other calcium-rich items. Your diet should have calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B complex, Copper, zinc, iodine and iron in right dosages.  

7. Visit the dentist regularly

Many people do the mistake of not visiting the dentist as regularly as they should. Some even don’t bother to visit the dentist at all. Well, if you don’t visit, then some of your problems – which could have been treated timely – can aggravate further. The dentist will do a thorough check-up and create a tailored hygiene program for you. This is how all your dental problems are detected and nipped at an early stage.    

In overall, your teeth and gums are as precious as any other body part of system in the body. You should not ignore their care and hygiene. After all, your overall health will also depend on your dental health.

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