Health Benefits of Regular Facial Treatments

October 17, 2017

Facial treatments are so much more than just an activity that makes you feel beautiful. Actually, they have many benefits for both your skin and your overall health. So, how do facials keep you healthy and beautiful? Here are just some of the ways.

It jumpstarts your lymphatic system

A good facial usually includes a soft face, neck, cleavage and scalp massage that not only makes you feel relaxed but also improves lymphatic drainage. It actually helps your body get rid of toxins and retained fluids. Lymphatic drainage also promotes circulation and leaves your skin clear and glowing. Moreover, lymphatic system stimulation decreases sympathetic nervous system responses, increases parasympathetic nervous tones, and helps you get rid of stress.

It boosts your blood flow

Sometimes, the blood vessels under the facial skin tend to have poor circulation. Every time that happens, it can be seen on your face – it gets pale and dry. However, the massage you get during your facial not only activates your lymphatic system but also boosts your blood circulation and vascular functions. This makes your skin look healthier, vigorous and more youthful. Additionally, facials that incorporate the use of steam also boost the blood flow, which leads to better delivery of oxygen and nutrients that keep the skin healthy and glowing.

It removes acne

Acnes are frustrating, unattractive and sometimes painful, and most people who suffer from them try many things in order to clear their skin. Even though flawless skin is not impossible to achieve, some products and treatments only make your problem worse. However, since facials are performed by professionals and are made to suit your skin type, they will prevent breakouts. Additionally, exfoliation will also clear out your pores, which will stop blackheads and acne from forming. Facials can even reduce acne scarring, improve the skin texture, reduce pore size and treat pustules and papules.

It helps keep your skin hydrated

If you have naturally dry skin or dry areas on some parts of the face, having regular facials will ensure that your skin is properly hydrated. Dry skin also looks more wrinkled and aged, while facials make it firm, supple and vibrant. Skin that’s properly hydrated will look younger and stay wrinkle-free for a longer time.

It unclogs pores

Our faces are exposed to all sorts of dirt every day. Facial skin also secretes oils and sheds dead skin cells. All of these substances clog skin pores and cause them to be more visible. Clogged pores also cause acne breakouts and all sorts of skin irregularities. However, regular facials with chemical peels or microdermabrasion can help unclog pores and keep them clean. Once your pores are open and your skin is smooth, your face will be able to react to whichever skincare you use much better.

It’s used as a therapy for pre-cancerous conditions

Extensive research has shown that chemical peels and other facial treatments help prevent skin cancer. When undergoing a facial, you might actually be treating pre-cancerous conditions or early stages of cell carcinoma.

It gives you an even skin tone

People who have scars, wrinkles or sun spots can use facial treatments to treat pigmentation and get a more even skin tone and make their blemishes less visible. An even skin tone will also allow you to use less foundation and makeup that smothers your skin, and let your pores breathe easily.

You’ll get examined by experts

Facials should only be performed by experts and estheticians, and you’re obliged to answer certain questions regarding your skin, skin problems, habits and skin goals. You’ll also get examined, which can take care of your existing skin problems and even uncover some potential problems that are not yet visible. Luckily, today, there are places from the USA to Australia where you can go and get a proper treatment and examination without any worry. So if you’re looking for a certified skin clinic in Sydney, finding one shouldn’t be a problem. You will certainly find a place that will make sure you leave with healthy and beautiful skin.

It relieves stress

Try to remember the amount of time you had just for yourself this week. For most of us, that amount is very small. We live modern lives, which means that our lifestyles could best be described as busy, loud and chaotic. Therefore, relaxing and taking care of your body is crucial if you want to stay healthy and sane. Even though facials only last for about an hour, it really means a lot and helps you regain balance and relax. Both your mind and your skin will be thankful.

Facials are not just fun pampering treatments you can get with your friends. They are a great way to spend some time on yourself, boost your lymphatic and vascular system, remove acne and hydrate your skin. After the treatment, you will not only feel relaxed but also look beautiful and healthy. So, what are you waiting for? Book a treatment and enjoy.

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