The Helpful Benefits of the Warmup and Stretching Routine

November 7, 2016

Some people are looking to build more mass while others are merely trying to shed excess body weight or body fat. They’re may be different reasons for people going to the gym. Along with this thought, heating up as well as flexing are actually essential in any sort of workout.

Possessing correct knowledge as well as extending your body prior to exercises could minimize the risk of getting any kind of injury from working out. Stretching and doing weights or exercise are completely separate things. A great deal of folks mix up the idea of stretching along with warming up. Warming up belongs in a program, yet stretching alone is not part of it.

The Warmup

The warmup portion of the workout can be illustrated through the use of many cardio and light-aerobic tasks. Experts think that the amount of time invested in warming up, in terms of efficiency, might strengthen and also enhance recuperation from those activities such as classes or even competitions. Aside from these advantages, the warmup process of the workout must serve to rev-up the engine and set the body on a course of exercise activity.

Warming up is vital to getting the physical aspect of the body ready for an intense workout session. It can serve to improve blood flow to critical aspects of the muscle, enhance physical body temperature, as well as speeding up the metabolic rate.

The warmup is not like the workout. It is much slower paced in nature and usually incorporates the first two exercises from the actual workout session. Just before going for a lengthy jog, begin your warmup through running in place or even light jogging.

Here are some examples of what a great warmup can do:

  • enhance the volume of nutrients to the muscle
  • preparing the mind and body for an intense workout session
  • easier to shed even more fat
  • increase your heart rate
  • increase your respiration
  • stretch the time of one’s workout session

An excellent warmup routine, which is actually 5 to 10 mins in length, is best followed by a stretching routine. Following this process of warming up and stretching could lead to a great boost in energy for the workout as well as aid in avoiding injury. These two things could also aid in reducing muscle soreness that may arise after a workout session.

The Stretching

Even though stretching after a workout may not necessarily aid in the recovery aspect of the workout according to NSCA, stretching does have other incredible benefits affecting other areas. One of those areas is flexibility. Muscles that are tightened from continuous work without stretching is detrimental to flexibility.

Tight muscles usually lead to other numerous problems and injuries. Keeping the muscles loose and functional through stretching is a great reason to incorporate a stretching routine into the workout session. When carried out appropriately, stretching may become your next favorite thing due to these great benefits.

Below are several things that need to be in mind when stretching:

  • When the muscles are warmed up, this is the perfect time to begin your stretching routine.
  • While each stretch, breathe in and out without forgetting.
  • Listen to your body while stretching. Understand your limits. At the beginning, stretch slowly through every stretch before fully extending. Do not go beyond the point of pain as this can set you back with an injury.
  • Hold each portion of the stretch for a minimum of ten seconds.
  • Extend gradually through each single stretch. Quick pulling could result in a tear as well as overstretching the muscle which could lead to injury.

Stretching your spine or the muscles of the lower back is also important. In order to live a healthy life, lower back issues must be minimal. Stretching the lower back will prevent issues from arising. One of the best equipment used for stretching the whole body including the back is the inversion table. Inversion table therapy is a key component in stretching and maintaining the health of the whole back. Stretching on the inversion table is one of the best methods known today!

Warming up and stretching before a workout and after it is necessary in preserving a health and balanced physical body. These aspects of the workout, warmup and stretching, must be performed effectively to enjoy its own wellness advantages.


How can I incorporate a warmup and stretching routine? Well, it is quite easy. You can search for some incredible warmup or stretching routines on the internet or use Google.

Many experts and enthusiasts have published incredible warmup routines and information on the warmup without making it boring; instead making the warmup fun and effective.

Again, a warmup routine is simply a lighter version of the workout routine. Pick your favorite cardio exercise or weight exercise and perform a very mild version of it for the warmup. For example, instead of performing 3 sets or 30 minutes of the exercise, cut it down a third of the same thing. Do a set or 5 minutes of the exercise instead.

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