How to Make Your Eyelashes 5 Times Longer and Thicker?

December 7, 2015

Eyelashes enable opening and closing of the eyelids. They also protect the eye from external injury, insects and foreign objects. They are also a form of natural beauty for women. To make them more attractive, you have to use beauty products such as mascara. This product enhances the faint color of the eyelashes making them visible. You can also add false eye lashes by fixing them using glue that makes them look thicker. Long and thick lash increases a woman’s confidence since they know their lashes are beautiful. This also boosts their self-esteem especially if they are in a beauty competition

The following are ways that make eyelashes look 5 times longer and thicker

Eyelash comb

This is one way to come up with longer and thicker eyelash. In order to make the eyelashes longer comb them more often during makeup application using an eyelash curler preventing them from sticking together. Just like the hair in the head the lashes also need vitamins that must be obtained from food after proper feeding. Take a full balanced diet in order to allow enough supply of nutrients to the lashes hence stimulating the growth of longer and thicker eyelash.

Use Aloe Vera

It contains powerful nutrients and vitamins that enhance 5 times longer and thicker eye lash. Use a cotton wool to apply aloe Vera gel directly on the lashes just before getting to bed. This gel makes the lashes firm and 5 times longer.

Curl your lashes

You are supposed to curl the lashes during application of mascara to avoid them getting sticky. This helps to stimulate the growth rate of lashes at a very high rate than expected.

Avoid using the fake lashes

This prevents the natural lashes from growing longer since they are hidden. Use these lashes when they must be used. These fake lashes ruin even the growth of the natural lashes.

Remove all makeup before bed

This makeup includes the mascara on the eyelashes and all another type of makeup on the face. This should be done using warm water and a face washing detergent. This allows the skin and lashes to breathe.


Use mascara

This is a beauty product that is used to darken and thicken the lashes. It makes them more visible. The lashes can grow 5 times longer than the expected after continuo’s application of mascara. Use a clean mascara brush while applying mascara to prevent transmission of bacteria from the brush to the lashes. These bacteria slow down the growth of lashes.

Massage your eyelids

This stimulates hair follicles triggering the growth of lashes. Message the eyelids regularly in order to increase the growth rate of lashes. The massage brings relaxation mode allowing the growth take place naturally. Be gentle during the massage and avoid pulling off lashes it can cause under eye wrinkles and fine lines. After the formation of the wrinkles, you will start looking for wrinkle solutions before you event accomplish the mission of longer and thicker and longer eyelash.

Use of best skin brighteners

Stimulating the growth of the lashes is an added advantage to the lashes. These best skin brighteners have the ability to trigger the hair follicles to release longer lashes i.e. those that does not break out easily.

Use Castor oil

Pure Castor oil has the ability to increase the length of the eye lashes .It also makes them thicker and stronger reducing their ability to break off easily. Apply castor oil on the lashes before you sleep using a brush. This moisturizes the lashes lip making them strong such that they do not fall off while combing. Castor oil enhances general beauty since it has the ability to soften dry lips and can be applied in place of lip gloss.

Use green tea

It has the ability to maintain longer and thicker eyelash. This is achieved by application of some green tea over the eyelashes using a cotton wool. The caffeine in green tea is capable of maintaining the original lashes and enable development of more lashes to give a thick and longer look


In order to look extremely beautiful, you have to work hard for it. Following the above tips in relation to attain strong, long and thick eyelashes you have to pay the price. This price is being commuted to the daily chore of maintaining the lashes as stated above till you are satisfied that you have attained your desire. You can choose you’re most suitable method among the many above that can help you attain the perfect lashes you always wish. Most of the methods above are natural, so they have no effect on the skin, eye and general health.


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