Encouraging Confidence: How to Support Children’s Self-Esteem

January 18, 2016

Nothing succeeds like confidence. Building a child’s self-esteem, can ensure they have a happy and successful life. Having the strength to navigate life’s challenges will help them reach their full potential. Encouraging self-esteem, will help them feel comfortable in their own skin. They will know their weak points, and leave room for improving their strengths. They can be proud of their self-image, and have a positive effect on people. Feeling good about themselves will help them reach their full potential. By being positive inside, they can have a positive effect on the world around them. So, encourage confidence in your children to set them for life.

They Reflect Your Confidence

Parents’ behavior can greatly determine kids’ levels of confidence. How you act and handle every-day situations will teach them to do the same. Staying positive despite setbacks will encourage your kids to do the same. If you are confident about how you go through life, so will your child. This does not mean you should put on a fake smile on a bad day. Be realistic and truthful, and kids will respect you for it. By reflecting a positive mirror image onto your kids, they will see themselves in a better light.

It’s No Child’s Play

Playing with kids can be a great way to bond and spend quality time together. It may seem as a typical activity, but playing is critical for a healthy development. When you enter play time, always let your kids lead. By initiating a game of their choosing, it will hold their attention longer. When they think they share an interest with mom or dad, they get a confidence boost. Just remember to keep your focus on them at all time. A child will realize you have drifted away, which will have a negative effect on their self-worth.  View play time as a stress-relief, and enjoying it will be child’s play.

Positive Communication

When interacting with your child use assertive communication. When disciplining your child, always try to turn a negative tone into a positive. You will improve their behavior, without bruising their confidence. Because your child is yet to develop an identity, try to avoid labeling them. Use their first name when addressing them. This will create a sense of individuality, making them feel special during the conversation. And when kids adopt confident communication skills, they can transfer that feeling onto others.



An ego boost from time to time can improve confidence. Letting kids be the center of attention will improve their self-image. They will realize their importance among family and friends. And since superheroes are the symbol of confidence, make them a superhero party. And with professional Superhero animators making sure your child is center stage, all eyes will be on them.

Balancing Emotions

Teach you kids to be at ease with their emotions. They should know when to express their feelings, and when to control them. Keeping feelings bottled up is the reason behind anxiety and detachment. It won’t be a sign of weakness, but will let others know they can handle their emotions. At the other end of the scale are over-exposer, and uncontrolled outbursts. A social red flag, it will lead people to associate your kids with selfishness and over-compensation. A definite sign of low self-esteem. So teach them to create a reasonable balance, and they will stay in the confident zone.

A Vote of Confidence

As a parent, you want your child to succeed. Supporting children can help them realize a positive self-image. Encouraging their talents and interests, will be an act of faith. They will feel a sense of accomplishment, knowing you stand behind them. It will have a positive effect on their self-esteem in less-successful activities. This positive reinforcement method will ensure you have front-row tickets to your child’s race to success.

Letting Them Make the Call

Letting your child make decisions is an important step in raising confidence. Take a step back and let them come to their own conclusions. It may be hard, but they will learn to cope with setbacks. They will also learn to appreciate success. In the long run it will help them grow a thicker skin, and accept life as it is. And when they know you trust and respect them, confidence levels will go through the roof.

When encouraging confidence in your child, you help in creating a strong adult. Self-esteem is key to having a lifetime of success and happiness.  By being confident, they can appreciate themselves, and the world around them. And with confidence bursting, there’s no telling what they can achieve in life.

That’s why building self-esteem in our children from an early age is one of the best things we can do for them that will only bring benefits in the long run.


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Tracey Clayton is a full-time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate for writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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