Loose skin after weight loss: How to tighten it

May 18, 2016

Every journey starts with the first step. The same goes for weight loss. Still, people who carried a lot of extra weight during many years are in danger of experiencing some extra saggy skin in case they lose a lot of weight quickly. This is far from beautiful and the goal one might try to reach once they put a lot of effort into dieting and exercising. Tightening the skin while losing weight and afterwards is definitely not impossible though and with proper care and lifestyle, the skin can follow the weight loss process nicely.

Keep the skin elastic

The elasticity of the skin is the main factor when it comes to losing weight in a healthy manner. In case that you lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, the skin will not be able to return gradually to the current shape of the body. Therefore it would be best to create a diet and exercise plan that would allow for losing around 2-3 kilograms per week so that the skin can also change in the process. Anything more than that is unhealthy in general, not only for skin elasticity.

Do not neglect exercising

Losing weight by dieting only can be the main cause for saggy skin afterwards. Combining diets with exercises is the most effective way to get the look you want. With constant workout routine and especially weight training, lean muscles are formed and keep the skin tight while the lost of fat without exercises would make the skin lose its supports and appear loose. Moreover, exercising and the release of sweat and toxins will make the skin’s appearance better.

Eat and drink well

Starving yourself is definitely not the answer for a successful weight loss. You can suffer many health problems, face the lack of energy and experience the shortage of nutrients your body needs for proper functioning. Since the skin is the biggest organ on the body, the negative consequences can be particularly visible on the outside. With the lack of collagen and protein that provide skin’s elasticity, in time the skin can become really loose and saggy. Also, it can become dry and dull. Therefore, eating plenty of foods that are great source of protein and collagen are very important for anyone who actually wants to look and feel good and healthy. Moreover, hydration must not be forgotten. Drinking plenty of water hydrates the skin from the inside thus making it plumper and smoother.

Take care of the skin from the outside

Do not neglect your beauty routine during your weight loss. Even though it can sometimes be troublesome, try to moisturize the skin every day, especially after working out and getting out of the shower. At that time the skin’s absorbing abilities are at its peak and therefore the nutrients from body creams and lotions can be fully utilized. There are also some special tightening creams that can work well for people who have a lot of weight to lose. Moreover, do not forget to exfoliate the skin at least twice a week. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and improves blood circulation, thus making the skin smoother, healthier and firmer.

Stay away from the sun

This might sound strange, but both artificial and natural tanning can minimize the skin’s elasticity. One might think that tanner skin looks better and firmer but in reality, this is only a visual effect. With adequate sun protection the skin will tighten up much quicker. Therefore, stay away from tanning booths and wear a sunscreen whenever you go outside and the weather is really hot.


Special treatments

If you want to indulge yourself from time to time and put yourself in the hands of a professional who knows what works the best for tightening the loose skin, you can check out different salons and spa centers where you can undergo massage treatments or spa wraps that would boost the blood circulation and make the skin more elastic.

Considering the surgery

Most people do not have a real need to undergo extra skin removal surgery but in case that you have lost a great amount of weight and could not keep the skin firm on your own, plastic surgery might be a good option. Ladies usually experience the sagginess and discomfort in their chest area once they lose a lot of fat that kept the breasts firm and lifted, so breast reduction surgery is something that can significantly help with the overall body appearance.

As long as you realize that losing kilos you accumulated for years cannot happen overnight and that your lifestyle change has to happen gradually, you have the advantage. Taking small but patient steps is a sure way for achieving success in many different aspects of life including weight loss and tightening the skin.

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