The Importance of Physical Fitness

May 20, 2016

Physical Fitness is not being able to perform certain feats that show one’s strength. It is the condition of your body as a whole: the physiological, biochemical and mental state.

When physically fit one can efficiently work, play, resist chronic disease and meet constant demands. Everyone has a different level of complete physical fit ness, which once reached, rewards you with a richer and more enjoyable life.

It is not easy to fulfil this potential, but once you have, pleasures and abilities will be experienced to their fullest.

How Can One Determine the Extent of One’s Physical Fitness?

Isolated performances do not have a true indication. Whether or not you can touch your toes, for example, is of little significance.

If the way your bones are put together, the relative length of legs to trunk to arms, makes it mechanically impossible for you to touch your toes, you may still be more fit than a person who can touch his toes without difficulty.

Nor is the ability to lift heavy weights a sound criterion of physical fitness. Many strong men are unfit, despite their muscular power and appearance. To decide if you are physically fit, you have to look at your body, at your performance and at your response to stress and to physical exertion.

Each person is different and the aim is to discover whether you have reached your individual potential of physical fitness. You may be unfit but still skilled enough at a sport to perform better than someone who is fit.

The body can stand a lot of abuse. The potential for getting the most from life is there for the vast majority of people. If you are fit you will be able to work and play to the full, and when you become tired you will be able to relax.

importance of physical fitness

Sleep will restore your vigor. Strain will make inroads upon your physical and emotional capacity if you are unfit. If you are overweight your fitness will be lower than it would otherwise be.

It is possible to be marginally overweight and still be fit in terms of what you can achieve physically and in your general vitality. Nevertheless, in most cases overweight indicates a reduced fitness standard.

In ascertaining your physical fitness, you should like it a priority to check your weight. The measurement of fitness is complex. Ideally you want to know the extent of your endurance, your strength, your coordination and the speed with which you can recover from exertion.

Because of great physical variations, it is very difficult to ascertain an individual’s general level of fitness or to compare his level with that of someone else. Physical fitness can most effectively be determined by measuring the responses of the body to specific activities.

The reactions measured are usually the change in heartbeat and blood pressure. The pulse rate, which is the measurement of how many times a minute the heart beats can disclose a great deal about physical fitness.

People who are physically fit can perform the same amount of work with less effort than those who are unfit. Thus, a fit person doing moderate work will usually have a heart rate of about 120 beats per minute, while an unfit person doing the same work will score upwards of 160. The unfit person’s heart takes longer to return to its normal rate, which is about 72 beats per minute.

We Still Do Not Know Everything About Fitness

There is much to be learned about the effects of intense physical exercise and why athletic training makes fatigue less likely. But it has been established, that lack of exercise results in impaired strength, endurance, and performance.

In particular, the unexercised body requires a greater time to recover from exertion. We know, too, that lessened physical fitness with age is not only related to the ageing process.

The decrease in physical fitness in men and women between the ages of 30 and 50 years old is usually the result of neglect. There is no need for anyone to become unfit as they grow older, and it is possible to restore physical fitness or to raise it to higher levels.

Exercise is the Great Key to Fitness & Health

The body’s vitality declines as the result of a sedentary and stressful life, one very often combined with bad eating habits. Muscles, whether they are the biceps or the heart, become less efficient if they are not sufficiently used.

While the physiological mechanism may not be completely understood, there is no doubt that the well exercised person, who eats a well-balanced diet, will have the strength and energy that comes with physical fitness.

If you smoke and inhale more than 15 cigarettes a day, you can anticipate declining fitness — if you continue to smoke. You will also lessen your fitness if you drink alcohol in moderately.

Follow valuable fitness tips for beginners from fitness professionals and experts. Start exercising today, and continue to test yourself every month. You will be impressed by the improvement. Physical fitness is like a crisp, juicy apple. You don’t know how good it is until you bite into it.

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