Improving Psychological Health at the Workplace

June 20, 2017

Workplaces are second homes for quite a lot of people since many of us spend a lot of time earning livelihood over there. Once we start working we have friends from the workplace and socializing in the real world means socializing with people from the workplace. The environment and people at the workplace have a deep impact on our personality and psychology. Our workplace decides our health in the long run. The best organizations in the world take care of their employee’s health by not only giving them health insurance but also by keeping them healthy so that they never have to use their health insurance. A small example in this regard is the introduction of a diet plan by General Motors a few years ago that is being followed worldwide today. General Motors a car manufacturing company got a team of experts and devised a diet plan that worked wonders for its executives to lose weight and remain fit. Psychological fitness is more important than physical fitness. If a person suffers psychologically his physical fitness is going to fall anyway.

Our workplaces have a deep impact on our psyche and making the workplace environment conducive to your mental health is the responsibility of the management and employees. Every job has stress involved in it since there are pressures of meeting targets or completing the task in hand which sometimes form a burden on the human mind. Bad coworkers, supervisors, hard taskmaster bosses sometimes contribute to the psychological problems suffered by people at the workplace. These problems need to be managed before they become a big psychological issue for individuals and productivity issue for the organization.

Managing psychological disorders in workplace needs to be high priority

Workplace stress and psychological pressure is something that needs to be managed by the management properly. The initiative needs to start from the top level. Managing psychological disorder in organizations should be a top priority for the top management. Organizations need to have structured and documented strategies for keeping the psychological health of their workforce in proper order.

Help employees identify the psychological health risks

Organizations especially the ones with high-stress levels need to ensure that they help their employees identify their psychological health needs. The management needs to check for symptoms like absenteeism and disability problems among employees to take stock of the stress level in the workplace.  In case the absenteeism among employees is high the management needs to check for reasons and ensure that their employees are motivated enough to come to the office. The cost for benefits, if increase, is an indicator that the workforce may need help from the management in the form of a management intervention.

Programs to distress employees need to be introduced

Once the management of an organization is sure that their employers are under stress which is because of the workplace they need to make sure that they are able to help their employees get rid of the psychological stress they are going through. For this, the management needs to create a better working environment. Introducing recreational facilities, smaller work groups with better camaraderie, abolishing boss-subordinate gap and reaching out to the lowest rung staff from the top management are few steps that will help an organization to keep psychological problems at bay.

Managers and supervisors should be trained to look out for symptoms

Manager and supervisors need to be trained to be more employees friendly. Since managers and supervisors are the first point of contact for the workforce they should be the ones who will identify any increase in psychological problems of the individuals. For this these managers and supervisors need to be trained amply since their management skills are not enough to identify the psychological problems in their workforce.

Trained and experienced psychological experts should be on board

A number of health care courses cater to specific needs of psychological experts in for industrial implementation. Experienced psychologists need to form an essential part of organizations that are involved with high risk and high-stress jobs. These psychologists can either work in sync with the managers and supervisors or can work independently to ensure the well-being of the workforce and the organization on a whole. Industrial psychologists have the ability to create programs and environment that is conducive for people to work without taking a toll on their mental health.

Check for relapse and review of plans should be done on a regular basis

Top management, supervisors, managers and the psychologist need to make sure the proper implementation of plans and strategies that have been laid down for psychological well-being and conducive environment of the workforce. In case there is a management intervention from the organization that ensures the reduction of stress levels of employees it is the responsibility of the managers and supervisors to review and check the plans on a regular basis for a relapse.

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