Incorporate a daily Fitness Routine to Change Your Life

November 2, 2017

Life is too hectic in this fast- paced world and the front seat is taken up by our job. But, in all this what is our health’s position? People tend to forget with time that a healthy body leads to healthy mind which ultimately means more output at work. Fitness is not just limited to our physical condition only. A person is said to be completely fit when he is healthy in physical as well as mental ways.

Are you thinking of managing your work and devoting some time to your fitness regime but cannot keep the promise properly? Well, when your lifestyle is super busy, you are likely to feel busted at the end of the day. But, an hour or two could always be squeezed out from your schedule perfectly. No one expects you to become an athlete or a fitness expert. But, a daily routine doesn’t take much of your time and leaves you feeling refreshed as well. Thus, move ahead and implement your plans and see how much change it will bring along your way.

Here are some of the things that you can do to ensure that your work is balanced with your health routines.

  • A task could not be started when you don’t have a proper mind set to do it. You will feel extremely tired after a day’swork and try to postpone. But, preparing yourself will pep up your inner strength and will motivate you to move forward and start your exercise. Take the baby steps towards your resolution and you will get to the end point ultimately.
  • If you are an early riser, then nothing affects your health better than a brisk walk in the mornings. The fresh air and the green view can keep your lungs and your eyes in perfect order. And if you feel you are comfortable in the routine, then you may perk up the level of exercise with jogging.
  • Exercises or workouts are probably performed better when you have a companion or are a part of a group. A workout buddy will keep you apprise about meeting times and you will be making your time table according to your partner.
  • If you are a gym person and have one around your home or office, then make time for that within office hours or while returning home. This will serve both your purpose of staying fit and saving time that you get to utilize in your other tasks.
  • Sitting on a chair for long hours obviously adds bulge to your body and brings out cramps and pain. A 5 minute walk after an hour of sitting can prove beneficial under these conditions. Even some neck and hand exercises seems helpful in shaking out your arrested muscles.
  • For those who stay nearby their workplaces, it is advisable for them to avoid any vehicle and walk or jog to their offices. This will keep your mind and body wholesome. You don’t require much preparations and still get to have your daily dose of exercise.
  • Choose your own style of workout. If you like cycling, dancing or prefer yoga, then go for that. It will keep your heart content and your mind giddy with pleasure.
  • Every building has staircase and if you are running short of time for any of the above activities, climbing stairs is the best way to lose calories.
  • Physical fitness is incomplete without a proper food habit. All your fitness regimes will prove futile if you are on a regular diet of junk food.

What should you eat if you are under a strict routine?

  • Water is the perfect accelerator in your fitness routines. Though it works as a perfect substitute for your frequent food cravings, it also helps in keeping your power during intense workouts by increasing metabolism. It even helps in sweating out the accumulated toxins that your body is generating.
  • Give your breakfast a healthy structure. Add oats, cereals, low-fat milk, yoghurt, fruit or juices to it. You will see a definite change in your skin and health with this little change. But never skip your breakfast as this is the first meal of the day and skipping it might result in other digestive problems.
  • Add roughages or dietary fibres in your meals. Its main function is to help in digestion but along with this it also maintains your blood sugar & cholesterol level. If you are fighting with weight issues, roughages can prove helpful in maintaining weight.
  • If you are following a strict diet plan, then you should feed yourselves on low carbs and should maintain a proper dose of protein so that your body is not deficient in any way. Even soups are a perfect substitute for your meals.
  • And most of all, smoking or drinking excess of alcohol can deteriorate your health and should be avoided at all cost.

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