Looking to Stop Smoking Marijuana? How to Develop a Winning Plan

January 25, 2018

According to the United Nations, approximately 158.8 million people consume marijuana across the globe which is about 4% of the world’s population. One of the studies stated that out of all the people who smoked marijuana, 30% got addicted to it leading to a dependency on the drug. It has also been revealed that the earlier a person starts smoking marijuana, the more likely is he to get addicted.

There is no doubt that smoking marijuana has some incredible health benefits. THC and CBD help to cure many health problems. But too much of anything can have disastrous consequences on health. Gradually, pot starts taking control over your life and starts distancing you from your friends, hobbies and the simple pleasures of life. You know you have to stop this then.

Marijuana is highly addictive and you need to be firm in your decision if you want to get your life back in line. It can have adverse short term as well as long term problems if taken on a daily basis.

  • It can weaken the short term memory.
  • It can cause mood swings as well as long term psychological effects.
  • Smoking weed can affect your lungs.
  • It can hamper the growth of brain cells.
  • It can increase the heart rate which can be a problem for patients who are suffering from blood pressure.

So, smoking pot excessively can have disastrous consequences on your health and can reduce the quality of life.


How to quit smoking weed- Methods:

There are different ways to get rid of smoking marijuana depending on the type of the person you are. Let us have a look.


  1. Medical aid- For everyone:

There is no magical pill that will immediately stop you from consuming marijuana. There is no research on how effective these pills are to stop you. But, it can help you in your plan to quit smoking weed by holding back withdrawal symptoms associated with it.


  1. Rehab- For heavy smokers:

This is probably the most renowned way of helping you quit smoking pot. It requires a lot of time and effort, putting your life back on hold to improve and settle your life. Rehab makes every effort to do that by offering counselling sessions, medical treatment and any other sort of help. A person must follow it properly, otherwise it may cause adverse effects too.


  1. 12 Step program- For the spiritual souls:

Though this is a program that is especially famous for the alcoholics but it can help to get rid off from any other addiction too. It takes you through an emotional procedure of fighting the addiction. It is for the people who are dependent on the herb and looking for some sort of support system. According to modern science, it may not be any good but it has proved really beneficial in some cases.


  1. Counselling- For undecided ones:

Some people just need someone to talk to them and that is probably the best therapy for them. So, talking to a professional is the best option for such people.


Steps to quitting weed:


Stop buying it:

The step first is obvious, that is to stop buying marijuana. Though you might get urges to buy it, you need to have a strong willpower and be firm. Spend time with the friends who don’t smoke, watch movies and distract yourself.


Throw away the other stuff:

Through away all the articles like rolling papers, bongs, accessories etc. which are associated with the drug. To make sure that you don’t get attracted to smoke the pot, you have to do this.


Try to control cravings:

Quitting anything that is your addiction has its withdrawal symptoms. Marijuana has THC content in it which gets stored in the fat cells. So even after you stop consuming it, it gets released in tiny amounts in body. This is bad as it makes you crave even more for the pot. You should distract yourself by spending time with your friends, indulging in physical workouts, so that it refrains you from taking the drug.

You might suffer from many withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, depression, headache, but you can definitely get over them. You should eat healthy food items, drink coffee, tea and lots of water.


How to deal with it:

Get motivation:

Seek help from your friends and family because they will be your biggest motivators who will help you to be healthy and positive.


Find alternatives:

You should replace this activity with the one which is super healthy. Earlier you used to spend your idle time by smoking pot, now you should indulge in physical exercise. Watch movies and spend time with the people who make you laugh a little louder.


Try something different:

Make your monotonous routine a little more exciting. Try changing your work schedule by trying something different. Eat something disparate or opt for a different route.


Curb the urge:

You will get the urge to smoke up again and again. So, refrain from meeting your smoking buddies or going to those places. Instead, going to your fave spot, drinking and eating the healthier way will definitely help.


Go to a therapist:

If you feel that the addiction of weed is still taking over your life, it’s time that you see a therapist. They will be very beneficial for you. Try and interact with people who have faced situations similar to you and get inspired. You know that you’re not the only one going through it and many have come out of the trap of the herb. All you need is sheer determination.


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