How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks – Up To 20 Pounds

September 13, 2017

Hello friend! Are you tired of looking at yourself and hating yourself because you have obesity? Sounds demoralizing and lowering your self-esteem right? Well, I have a solution for you. A practical reasonable way to get rid of that excess fat in just two weeks! Guess what, there are no pills, no strenuous exercises or fat burning machines involved. Just a natural way of losing 20lbs in just two weeks with a this diet. How then does it work? The plan is just simple. According to, an affiliate of they are basically six steps on how to achieve this. They include:

  1. Drink a Lot of Water Avoid Junk Foods
  2. Avoid White Carbohydrates and take negative calorie foods
  3. Never Skip Your Breakfast and Eat smaller Meals
  4. Do Lifestyle Changes and get Enough Sleep
  5. Increase Metabolism Rate to lose 20 Lbs faster
  6. Reduce Stress and Quit Smoking

Drinking warm water is the most effective way of losing weight. According to the European Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Research found in the link:, not only does the water help flush toxins out of one body, the hot water also helps in removing the coagulated fat in our blood vessels and trimming fat in our tummies.

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight

Well for most people the question they ask is: So what is healthy eating or simply put, what should I eat in order to lose weight? Despite there being a lot of information about the issue, studies that were conducted by Harvard Medical School have pointed out the following main factors that have proved to be effective means of a healthy diet to lose weight. The study can be found by clicking on the following link:

  1. Cut down on high calories breakfasts and introduce high protein breakfasts. One would be amazed at the high amounts of calories in sugar, muffins, cakes and other sources of carbohydrates consumed in breakfast. These can be substituted by boiled eggs and milk.
  2. Avoiding sugary drinks and fruit juice. Sports drinks, energy drink, soda and other fruit juices are packed with a lot of sugar that is pumped into the blood system immediately after consumption and end up being converted into calories that are stored as fat in our bodies. To counter this effect, when thirsty one should just take warm water.
  3. Eat whole, unprocessed foods which have a lot of soluble fiber. Processed foods have very little fiber and are immediately converted to calories once they are digested. A good source of fiber is Rice or wheat bran.
  4. Increase your intake of vegetables. Not only do vegetables increase ones source of vital vitamins, micro and macro nutrients, they are packed with fiber and other compounds that help bind food and cause release of glucose to be slow into the blood stream thus leading to slow build up of fat.
  5. Choose foods that are low in calories. The list can be long but low calories foods include fruits, legumes, cereals, unprocessed wheat foods, tubers like sweet potatoes and white meat products like skinned chicken and fish.

Weight Loss Exercise Tips

Losing weight can be a discouraging commitment. This is especially true if the progress is slow and with minimal noticeable changes. Well, let me share some tips to help you boost your morale throughout the journey:

  1. Don’t skip meals especially breakfast. Most people think by skipping a meal they have reduced calorie intake. The reality is that they tend to consume double amount of calories throughout the day or in the next meal.
  2. Start by doing less strenuous exercise and the gradually move to the more intense fat burning ones.
  3. Drink plenty of water. Oh, pure water not sports or energy drinks after exercise!
  4. Get tempting foods out of your home. You will only have yourself to blame after you have eaten that tempting burger when you had vowed to avoid even looking at it!
  5. Good exercise and burning calories go with a good low calories diet. A good balance between the two will produce faster results.

Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Studies from John Hopkins University revealed key facts that are vital in improving ones metabolism. It is important to know that no pills or supplements can effectively increase ones metabolism. The key are facts are getting enough sleep and reducing stress, ensuring that one is active and does enough exercise, taking lots of water, not skipping meals especially breakfast and strength training. This is a process through which ones muscles are trained and toned in order to metabolize faster.

The Best Weight Loss Pills for 2017

Diet pills have become a hot option in today’s over counter medicine for cutting weight and fat burning. However caution should be taken while using them and remember the fact that the most effective way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. The following just but a few and detailed descriptions can be found on the website.

We all want that great sexy, lean body that boosts our figure and self esteem. Surprisingly not all of us are really committed to eating healthy, exercising regularly and keeping fit. In order to achieve healthy eating habits and proper diets, dedication to the same is needed. We all need to commit to not only eating healthy, staying stress free and exercising frequently but also having a positive attitude towards the same as well. Most importantly, don’t forget to drinks lots of water. See you in that perfect body soon!


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