How to Lose Weight at Home in Two Weeks?

February 15, 2017

When people aim for losing weight, they target to gain it as early as possible. Two weeks is not a very long time for considering weight loss program. As, health conscious folks eagerly seek for the shortest way to lose weight, here we would like to provide some healthy tips to reduce weight in two weeks.

Well, if you’re hoping to lose twenty pounds within the next two weeks, let me simply assure you that may not happen. Keeping weight loss at two pounds per week is safe and ideal, except for a short period you’ll be able to push it to four pounds. My goal here is to assist you in losing at least eight pounds within the next two weeks and hopefully helping you to keep losing weight even after the 2 weeks.

You may have to use a few home fitness equipment like elliptical exercise machine, recumbent exercise bike, treadmill bike, and more. If everything goes as per plan, and you’re ready to take the challenge upfront, later, you may have to literally search for the best exercise bike reviews. However, enough chitchat, let’s teach you the way to two in a pair of weeks.

Take Control Over Your Meal

You do realize that your day to day intake has a huge impact on your weight loss program, right? Here are some of the food you need to take while trying to lose weight at home.  


A glass of juice every day before breakfast or raw carrot can assist you slim down. Because carrots are made in fiber that helps in cleaning the abdomen for a healthy digestion. Carrot is also packed with useful vitamins.


Cucumber is made of antioxidants, and Vitamins A, C, E that helps detoxify your body and take away fats to assist you in losing further weight.

Honey and Lemon

Having two glasses of lemon juice mixed with honey each day will assist you to slim down very quickly unless you’ve severe acidity problem.

Honey and Ginger

Drinking this mixture of honey and ginger at least twice each day will assist you to shed off a few extra pounds pretty fast.


This fruit or vegetable is an expensive source of vitamin, which can exceptionally help you to get healthy digestion of food without any occurrence of the gastrological problem. By taking some papaya in the morning on an empty stomach, can significantly reduce your weight.

Get Rid of Junk Food 

That’s right, no more junk foods for the following two weeks. You cannot keep this up forever as not having the ability to eat your favorite food for months. And at a certain time, that seems unrealistic. However, it’s only a pair of weeks and this short trial might even assist you to construct a lot more property, healthier diet arranges for the long run. Your elliptical exercise, or exercise bike workout won’t come any handy if you can’t get rid of that unhealthy snack.

Lean Meats 

Salmon, fresh tune, sardines, and chicken can replace beef and pork in your diet. Low fat and made in antioxidants, they’re dieticians’ favorite food. Let’s make it very clear, don’t search for the best exercise bike reviews until you make your mind on consuming less red meat.

Exercise/Aerobic Activities

You may have to opt for one of the finest exercises likewise, power-walking, walking, cycling, jogging, aerobic categories, running machine, etc. However, swimming is the most effective aerobics as you’ll burn a lot of calories per hour than the other aerobics. Invest at least half-hour every day in aerobics however ideally fifty minutes. Try these five days per week, however, don’t use the rest of the 2 days consecutively. But, if you don’t have enough time for swimming, don’t get hopeless. You can always check for using a recumbent exercise bike, elliptical exercise, or, any sort of bicycle workouts. On that note, the most important thing is how you maintain your day to day exercise at home. But before that, you must not forget about going through the best exercise bike reviews, since there are so many on the web. Make sure you’re reading it from a trusted source. Because, without being familiar with that indoor bike, you can’t buy a perfect one that suits you the most.

Rest Well 

This is the foremost necessary rule you must follow. You must sleep seven to eight hours every day, as the dearth of sleep is harmful to losing weight. While losing weight, rest the trained muscles for twenty-four hours. Within the meantime, you will train different muscles or perform aerobic exercises.

Surely, attending gym is considered as the most obvious way to lose weight. However, if you don’t have enough time to join a gym or any club, you can try at home by your own. The bonus point will be, if you can get the finest recumbent bicycle for home, after going through a bunch of the best exercise bike reviews. We hope that you’ve found your way of losing weight in two weeks. Remember, nothing is impossible. Just stay dedicated and keep focused on your goal.

Take care and have a great day.

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