The Many Health Benefits of Spa Baths

December 26, 2017

There aren’t many people in this world that would refuse a spa bath. Even picturing it in your mind makes you calmer and more relaxed. But spas are actually more than just little treats for your mind and body – they are healthy as well. Research after research keeps proving just how good hot baths are for us, and why we should give ourselves that pleasure whenever the opportunity arrives. So what are the exact health benefits of spa baths and how can you get the most out of them every time?

Stress relief

Nobody likes being stressed, but in today’s world, that is often a daily occurrence. And stress is not only exhausting mentally, it also damages the body by heightening blood pressure, causing headaches and an array of other symptoms. But taking a spa bath is something that immediately relaxes us and lets us have a moment of peace and tranquility, lowering our stress levels. When you get in a bath, try to let go of all negative thoughts and just let your mind wander to something relaxing. The warm water will very probably make you sleepy, and while we don’t recommend falling asleep in the tub, try not to have anything scheduled right after, but rather go and take a nap.

Alleviate pain

If you have a muscle injury, or a sprain, you might find it very soothing to take a warm bath. This is no mystery: warm water relaxes the muscles, and when the muscles are relaxed, they hurt less. So if you have any persistent muscle or joint pain, talk to your doctor and see if they think that a visit to the spa might help. But it is not only injuries, but also cramps and other muscle spasms. Arthritic and chronic pain can be relieved through hot spa baths, because submerged in water, your body feels weightless and it’s not causing as much pressure on itself as it normally would. Your body can become stronger and more flexible in the water, which is why a lot of people turn to hydrotherapy.

Clean the body

So often, we rush through our morning routine not even thinking whether that shower we’re taking is actually making us clean. The dirt that collects in the pores of our skin often gets locked in there, simply because we don’t give our pores enough time to open up. But sitting in a warm spa bath with steam rising up will open up your pores, and let the water in to really clean them out. You can also do this at home by taking a long, warm shower, or spot-treat by pressing a warm towel against your skin. The result will be a glowing, healthy skin and you will most certainly notice the difference.

Blood pressure and circulation

A lot of people seek out spa baths as a form of therapy for a whole range of vascular problems. The warm water regulates blood pressure and improves circulation. If you want to further increase the effect, you can massage your body while in the water to expand your blood vessels and let your blood freely flow throughout your body.  However, this can be dangerous for people who have preexisting heart conditions, so if you are unsure whether it will be safe for you, consult your doctor before going in for a dip.

How to prepare one at home

You don’t have to take an entire day and go to the spa just for one hot bath: you can prepare one at your own home. The first thing you need to do is get in the right mindset. Let go of stress, turn off your phone, tell the people you live with to leave you alone for an hour and just be at peace with yourself. Then you can prepare the bath: it works best in comfortable bathtubs that are large enough for you to fit comfortably into. Fill it up with warm water and add your favorite scented bubbles. You don’t have to go overboard with this, and if you don’t like bubbles, you can put in some oils for the aroma. Put on some relaxing music and you can even light some candles around you for the complete experience. Once you’re in, make sure you keep adjusting the temperature so that it always suits you. Let your body relax for about half an hour, and then hop out and pat yourself dry with a warm towel. If you do this right before bedtime, you will fall asleep with no problems at all, and you will feel completely new when you wake up in the morning.

We can all agree that most health benefits come from the simplest things in life: movement, balanced eating, hot baths, meditation, and other things that we can incorporate into our daily lives. And with this many benefits, you really have no excuse not to grant yourself a nice hot spa bath whenever you can. If you prefer company, you can always hang out with friends in a jacuzzi, and have all the health benefits with the added element of company. And when you see that a loved one is stressed out or in pain, now you know what you can do to help them.

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