Why it Matters: Choosing the Best Outfit for a Workout

June 2, 2017

Going to the gym can be a daunting task for a lot of people. Working out requires skill and most of all, requires dedication. However, for a lot of newbies, the decision in making the first step towards the gym isn’t the worse problem they encounter. It’s the fear of not feeling accepted by the people with more experience and skill.

Fitting in is always a big issue with newbies going to the gym. It’s a worrying trend that whenever new enthusiasts don’t fit in, they quit altogether. The appropriate behaviors of going to the gym and loving a workout are two broad topics to address. Before anything else, let’s start with one of the most overlooked factors when a beginner starts going to the gym: Clothing.

Gym wear can make or break the full benefits that a newbie receives when working out. Aside from being an eyesore to most of the veterans in the gym, not wearing the right clothes is also dangerous and a hazard to the people inside the place. Here are the reasons why newbies should pay close attention to the things they wear:



A workout is never a simple task. Working out is incredibly grueling. Don’t make it harder by wearing inappropriate clothing. The aim inside the gym is to workout and gain physical benefits, not to look hip, cool, and fashionable.



Along with attitude and respect, confidence is a crucial part of fitting in with the people inside the gym. With these three aspects, a newbie will be able to gain friends and respect within the place. Confidence, however, bears more weight in making a newbie benefit in workouts.

When a person is confident, they put in more effort while working out. This behavior, in turn, makes them sweat more. Clothes are perfect sources of confidence when working out.

With that said, appropriate clothing in the gym isn’t just an ordinary piece of fabric. It’s the armor for protection and support. Here are some pieces of clothing that will help give the newbie a good workout.


Advanced Fabrics

Although a lot of people will tell the newbie that any good old fashioned cotton shirt is enough for a workout, this isn’t the case nowadays. A lot more advanced fabrics are readily available in the market. Capilene, Coolmax, and DriFit are popular choices.

The reason why cotton fabrics aren’t ideal for working out is that the material absorbs sweat and retains it on the skin. The shirt becomes thick with sweat and may cause irritation. Due to the action of sweat evaporating on top of the skin, a creepy feeling of coolness comes into contact with the skin.

This idea is never a good thing because the point of working out is to generate heat for proper circulation and wellness.

Pro Tip: Unless you’re born out of solid marble like the statue of Apollo, don’t wear a tank top that screams out to the other people in the gym. Confidence is a good thing, but too much of it isn’t. Also, avoid wearing “too revealing” pieces of clothing. It’s never a good idea to show a lot of skin when working out in the gym.

Slim Fit Pants

Always wear slim fitting garments, not just pants. Aside from soaking in sweat, baggy and loose clothing might get snagged on some equipment causing injuries for the newbie or the other people around them. A Capri, slim fit pants, and shorts are good items to wear when working out.

Pro Tip: Aside from being cumbersome and heavy, denim and other types of fabrics can cause injuries because they are too restricting on the body’s natural movements.



The intent of wearing shoes inside the gym is to provide protection while not hindering any movement done by the wearer. For weightlifting, a good idea for footwear is by choosing a shoe that has a good toe cap. The reason for wearing this is to prevent any injuries while lifting. A slip of the hand from lifting dumbbells can crush a big toe easily.

Pro Tip: Although the aim of footwear is to provide ease in movement while working out, protection should never come out last. Don’t ever make the mistake of wearing flip flops and sandals while working out. Aside from the angry stares from the people inside a gym, you can get a nasty trip to the Emergency Room when heavy things fall on your feet or toes.



The gym is where everyone goes to, to get fit and healthy. Proper workouts and exercises are plentiful when being inside one. Aside from the gains, you’ll get to earn friendships and bonds are also bountiful inside the gym.

However, for the newbie, fitting in may be the worse problem they’ll encounter. Going inside the gym and other important things such as gym etiquette are such broad topics. By starting with the basics, beginners can easily fit in with the people inside the place. A good place to start is by examining the clothing they wear.

Proper clothing can tell a lot of people about a person’s habits and behaviors. Wearing the right gear is essential for a safe and beneficial workout.


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Javier Olivo is a writer and stylist by heart. He has a lot of amazing portfolios regarding fashion design. Javier also loves writing about topics that concern about health and lifestyle. In his free time, he enjoys going to the gym and working out with his friends.


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