Nutrition Tips for Improving Health

November 28, 2016

Proper nutrition is necessary for keeping you healthy. People usually don’t tend to follow certain rules regarding nutrition, and they eat whatever and whenever they want. However, what they don’t seem to understand is that they are only causing damage to their bodies. I, myself, was like this and I didn’t care about what I was eating and what kind of effect it had on my body. I used to be a couch potato and simply sit around all day playing games and watching TV. Luckily, after years of being like that, I figured that I should at least try to change my habits.

It took a fairly long time, but in the end, it paid off. I’ve never felt better, and my body is pretty healthy; at least healthier than it was before. I’m not focused on being extremely fit and strong, but I do occasionally work out. The big game changer was my diet which was severely bad. Over time, I managed to change my entire diet and fix my nutrition. I’m here to give you some tips on how to influence yourself and your diet to improve your health. I won’t talk about myself any longer since it’s time to continue this article!

Remember: Mental health is as important as physical health!

No skipping the breakfast

We’re jumping into the most important part immediately – breakfast. Breakfast should never be skipped because it’s the most important meal of the day. The reason for this is because when you wake up in the morning, your body requires certain nutrients to function properly. If you don’t give your body these nutrients, it will lack nutrition. Over time, this can turn into a big problem because you deny your body intake of calcium, fiber, iron, and vitamins. It’s fairly common for adults to skip breakfast but try to change your schedule and plans enough, so you have time for breakfast!

Healthy breakfast tips

Your breakfast doesn’t have to be big; rather, it should be fairly small – just sufficient to satisfy your hunger. Expanding on that, here’s what you can eat in the morning that will surely boost your health:

–    Two slices of toast – Add a tomato and some cheese for better taste.

–    Fruit – And make sure it’s fresh!

–    Yoghurt – You can eat yoghurt plain or with some fruit.

–    Oats – Orange juice and rolled oats are a great choice for breakfast.

–    Baked Beans – Put these beans on toast.

You can prepare and combine all of these, but there’s no need – one or two of the mentioned recipes will be enough for breakfast.

Don’t eat a lot of fat

Kids don’t have a lot of issues with fatty foods, but they should still eat them in moderation. Adults, on the other hand, have several issues. Unfortunately, we, as adults, have problems with digestion and processing of food. Eating fatty foods almost guarantees that all that fat will be deposited as fat tissue. Saturated fat can be converted to cholesterol and cause your cholesterol levels to rise. This is a fairly dangerous condition to be in so try to avoid fatty foods.

Choose polyunsaturated fats as they have been proven to lower cholesterol levels. Polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, seeds, and nuts have an incredibly helpful anti-clotting effect which reduces the risk of heart conditions and diseases.

Healthy eating combined with physical activity

If you’re looking to make the most out of your body, we recommend you combine a great diet with some exercises and physical activities. 30 minutes of walking per day is a fairly good amount of physical activity that you should do, but you can increase this amount as much as you want.

Brain Health

Your brain is the most important organ in your entire body, and its health shouldn’t be ignored. Lack of proper brain care can cause severe issues. You should do certain brain exercises to improve its efficiency. If you’re having trouble concentrating or if you’re having issues with your memory, we recommend you take Nootropic Supplements that will help boost your cognitive abilities. Nootropic Supplements have been proven to have a great and positive effect on the brain, as well as improve its overall health.

Two great Nootropic Supplement suppliers are TruBrain and AlphaBrain. Their products have been rated highly by consumers and customers!


Alcohol is usually bad for you, but there are positive sides to it. Beer is rich in Vitamin B while Wine is great for your blood. In any case, moderation is necessary. Stop getting drunk and drinking each day and limit the amount of alcohol you intake each week. The recommended intake for men is two standard drinks per day (around two-0.2dl glasses of beer) while the recommended intake for a woman is one standard drink per day.

Diet variety

A healthy diet means a lot of different foods. You’ll need a diet that covers all essentials and in a moderate and healthy amount.

–    Low-salt – Don’t put too much salt on food; if you absolutely must, use sea salt.

–    Reduced-fat – As we mentioned before, don’t eat or drink fatty food items.

–    Bread – or anything made from grains.

–    Fruit and vegetables

Keep your diet variety high, and you’ll see big changes after some time. Also, one last thing – water is highly important and necessary so don’t drink too little. Two litres per day is optimal, but I don’t believe that you need to drink exactly two litres of water each day to stay healthy. I recommend you drink whenever you feel thirsty, but keep the amount above 1.5 litres per day. Anything less will most likely cause a small amount of dehydration.


Proper nutrition is something that each of us should have. You can find out more here! We should always strive to be as healthy as possible so start modifying your habits and make yourself an amazing nutrition plan. Good luck!

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