Osteopathy Treatment: How It Lessens Manpower Issues in the Company

October 11, 2017

Back pain, joint pain and problems of musculoskeletal systems affect nearly about 1/3rd of population in the UK. Some of these painful symptoms last from a day to a week. Almost 20% people find their pain to be lasting for many weeks. As per the medical consensus, pain for more than 6 weeks needs proper treatment. People need to visit the clinics to get relief from their pain. In such circumstance, it is important to have treatment from proper sources. Burden of pain has increased in recent times. This is because of the sedentary lifestyle and bad posture. There are also other additional causes like using computers in wrong postures and for long time. Sports injuries also contribute to pain.


Pain leading to loss of workdays and manpower

Among the different types of painful musculoskeletal regions, lower back ache is extremely important as well as common. People suffering from such pain, get distracted from their work. They also fail to turn up to work. Since rest is advised for such people by the general practitioners, they take leave from work. Gradually the loss of manpower starts costing the company or the employer’s. It is therefore essential to give serious thought to the idea of treating back pain. This treatment should not simply be related with back pain, but also handle the overall health. Also, change in lifestyle is required. Such alterations in lifestyle will provide long term control of the pain in the lower back as well as joints. So, the most ideal way of handling the back pain is to get immediate relief and then work out long term therapy in a holistic manner.


Loss in financial terms due to pain symptoms

Financial aspect of people suffering from back pain is difficult to analyse on a big scale and over a period of years. Since there is changing economic scenario, one can come to an approximation value. But, still the loss for companies due to sick leave and lack of manpower goes into billions of pounds. Besides, people also have to pay for the treatments by doctors, which further add to the overall costs. It is therefore encouraged to have holistic treatment whenever people suffer from lower back pain. Taking painkillers and working can be harmful in the long run. This is also not going to help people in recognising the cause of pain. Furthermore, making a diagnosis is difficult.


How can osteopathy be beneficial in recovery?

In the present era, osteopathy treatment has gained lots of recognition. Many people are seeking out osteopaths with credibility in their nearby areas. There are many advantages of getting the treatment from osteopaths. An osteopath is a medical practitioner, who uses hands-on methods to work on the body as well as afflicted areas. The approach is done in a holistic manner. Whole body is examined and history is taken in explicit detail. This is done to make sure that there is proper diagnosis done for the cause of the pain. When the diagnosis is correctly done, the therapeutic approach can be robust and in an assured manner. Detailed examination will reveal a lot of information for charting the treatment course. Usually, the osteopaths are well experienced in such procedures. When they do the examination, it is under all ethical considerations and most comfortable manner. For the osteopaths, it is important to have proper idea about the well being of the entire body. They do not treat only the painful area. Rather, holistic treatment is instituted. This is to make sure that painful back is relieved along with prevention of any further episodes. Holistic treatment also has a bearing on reducing the cost of manpower loss and loss of labour.


Making whole body exercises and alignment of lifestyle with physical movement

People with back pain can visit the Farnham osteopath for relief and long term control of pain. These specialists help in reducing the pain and also ensure overall well being. For this purpose, there is a combination of procedures adopted. After initial examination, a detailed chart of treatment is prepared. People also need to have free discussions about their lifestyle with these osteopaths. This gives improved transparency in the medical care that is planned. A number of physical exercises, massage therapies, thrust movements and stretching exercises are done to relax the muscles and joints. They advise people to carry on some exercises at their homes. Sometimes, they suggest medical treatments also on case basis. By this kind of manoeuvre, there is relief from back pain, sports injuries and joint pains. Also, osteopaths help in fitness of the body. As a result of such therapeutic modalities, people find themselves fit enough to go to work. In a big way, the osteopaths and the osteopathy clinics provide wholesome care for the patients with musculoskeletal system problems.


How osteopaths are helping reduce loss in manpower and employee work time

Sufficient awareness is found among people about the benefits of osteopathic treatment these days. They search for the local practitioners and report for their problems. When this is done quickly enough, people can return back to their work completely fit in only a matter of days. Moreover, they will not suffer from the pain and continue with self-therapeutic exercises. There is also an increased in the efficiency with which people can work when these clinics practise osteopathic therapeutic modalities. Whenever there is an osteopathic clinic in the neighbourhood, people nowadays opt to visit there and consult with the doctors, so that their absence from work is significantly reduced. Also, recurrence of the same painful symptoms is decreased. People are fit to work in their respective jobs. Productivity in the company work is increased due to the osteopathic holistic approach.

Author Bio:

Richard Reed is an osteopath in Farnham. He is a founder and owner of Back to Active Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic. Richard has years of experience as a sports massage therapist and is currently the Assistant Head Coach for Farnham Swimming Club.

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