Why is Physical Activity & Fitness Important?

October 13, 2016

It is important to be physically fit for you to be away from diseases and to improve your overall health. When you engage in physical activities on a regular basis, you can expect long-term health benefits and it will also help you have a better quality of life. Studies have also shown that physical activities can help you live a longer life.

Physical activities contribute greatly to staying in good shape, and when you are in that state, you can enjoy leisure activities, and you will also be able to perform work and chores safely. Aside from the health benefits, physical activities also affect your mental and social aspects. It has been observed that people who regularly engage in physical activities are getting their sense of purpose in life and their sleep has improved. Even stress has been reduced, and social relationships are enhanced, too.

What are the risks you might be getting when you don’t do physical activities regularly?

  • –    You are more prone to experiencing anxiety and stress, as well as feelings of depression
  • –    You could develop health conditions which are supposed to be preventable with healthy living.
  • –    Premature death

On the other hand, if you are living a healthy lifestyle — proper diet + regular exercise + positive outlook in life, you will be enjoying these benefits:

  • –    The risk of getting a heart attack will be reduced
  • –    You will be able to manage your weight properly
  • –    Your blood cholesterol level and blood pressure will be lower, which will help in steering you away from diseases
  • –    You will not be prone to getting serious health conditions like diabetes and cancer.
  • –    You will have stronger bones, and your muscles and joints will be in tip top shape, reducing your risk of getting osteoporosis later in life
  • –    You will be able to recover faster if you have been bedridden or hospitalised
  • –    You will feel better and look good. You are more energised and relaxed.
  • –    Your chances of living life longer will be increased
  • –    You can sleep better at night
  • –    Your body will get used to moving around easily
  • –    Meet new people and spend time with your loved ones while enjoying physical activities together

Have the Healthy State of Mind

When you do physical activities on a daily basis, you are already fighting off with feelings of depression. Exercise is a good way to distract you from negative thoughts and worries. It also gives you the opportunity to increase contact with other people, especially for those who do it in the gym. It also helps in increasing your brain chemicals like serotonin, endorphins, and stress hormones, which helps you feel more positive and stress-free.

Minimum of 30 minutes a day of physical activities

Health professionals and researchers as well have recommended that 30 minutes of physical activity is very ideal. It should be done daily to ensure its effectiveness. Your hard work will pay off since you will not only get a well-maintained body, but you are also reducing your risk of getting any health problems.

Some types of physical activities and their benefits

–    AEROBIC ACTIVITIES will help you improve your breathing and heart health. You will get hard breathing, and your heart will beat faster because of its movements which can range from moderate to vigorous regarding intensity.

–    MUSCLE-STRENGTHENING ACTIVITIES, as its name indicates, improves the strength of your muscles, making them stronger. Weight lifting and exercises like push-ups are the best examples of this type of physical activity.

– EXERCISES FOR BONE STRENGTH like jumping is most important especially for infants since they help to produce a force which will help in development and growth of the bone, making it stronger and healthier.

–    BALANCE AND STRETCHING ACTIVITIES helps in enhancing one’s physical stability and flexibility, reducing the risk of getting injuries. Dancing, martial arts, gentle stretching, and yoga are just some of the few common examples of this type.

Physical Activity Guidelines

–    Doing any physical activity is so much better than doing none at all. If you are not into this kind of activities, you can start slowly and gradually increase the frequency once your body gets used to it.

–    It is recommended to do physical activities every day, accumulating at least 150 to 300 minutes of a combination of both vigorous and moderate ones.

–    Muscle-strengthening activities should be done at least two days per week.

–    You can increase your activity by starting in small changes. Instead of using your car or any mode of transportation, you can switch to walking or cycling instead.

–    If you are over 45 years old, when you experience any pain while doing physical activities, or are often dizzy and breathless, consult with your doctor first. If you are pregnant or are suffering from any health condition especially heart problems, better check with your doctor first before starting your activities.

Top Tips to Stay Healthier

  1.    Listen to the child in you

Going back in time and doing the activities you used to do when you were a kid is a good method for you to discover your body’s needs — physical, emotional, and social aspects.

  1.    Have an exercise buddy

You will most likely stick to any physical activity if you’re doing it with someone close to you. Whether it’s a friend or a family member, they will help you get motivated and stick with it. It is also a good way to catch up and spend time together.

  1. Challenge yourself

Always keep yourself interested by trying new and different kinds of activities. You can try joining local fitness events where you’ll be able to maintain your physical health for a good cause.

  1.    Look for herbs or supplements to aid you in your exercises

There are many safe herbal medicines and supplements which are proven to aid the body especially for those doing physical activities. You can search for the best quality kratom online, as it is one popular plant nowadays. You can also buy bulk kratom online since lots of people have tried and tested its effectiveness.

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