How Pole Dance Fitness Sculpts Your Six-Pack

January 17, 2018


Everybody wants to have an attractive physique, and people do different things to ensure they are in perfect shape. Getting rid of tummy fat and building a six-pack is every man’s dream. When you think of a strong core you think of planks, crunches, pull-ups, and kicks, but did you know with pole dance fitness you don’t need those exercises? Pole dancing has gained popularity as it is a great way to work out and stay fit. Majority of people are aware of results after a few pole dancing sessions. How does pole dance fitness help you to build a six-pack and what are the major pole fitness benefits?


a) Builds muscles and tones the body

Pole dancing focuses on strength building and control as you are constantly fighting gravity to stay on the pole. Supporting the entire body with one’s arms builds upper body strength and also works out the stomach muscles. By focusing on the core muscles you gain strength and stability and a toned body. The arms, abs, and shoulders are the first to be toned by this intensive sport. Muscle building moves are also beneficial to the lower back and hips. You will not only get a seductive and strong body, toned legs, calves, and thighs, but your stamina will also improve. Some muscle building moves include -:

  • spinning
  • bending
  • inverting
  • pivots
  • turning
  • climbing


b) Makes you more flexible, poised and balanced

Being a gymnastic exercise, you develop agility and kinesthetic awareness (calculating the location of the body in three-dimensional spaces in relation to other objects that are near). This means that you become less clumsy and less likely to bump into things, trip or fall. Holding yourself on the pole upside down will allow you to gain balance, coordination and become more aware. Constant workouts on your core power make you more flexible as the pole dance fitness seeks to dynamically stretch your muscles. You get a good posture and a healthy spine when you have a strong back and core. Splits, back-bends and twirling around a pole stretch you a bit, and hence, work on your flexibility. Flexibility prevents injury and allows one to get a quick recovery when injured.

c) Burns calories

It is estimated that a session of pole dancing will burn more than 250 calories, well, this is the best pole fitness motivation. That sounds great to people struggling with shedding some fat and who want to get a seductive and strong body. You are able to burn calories fast as pole dancing combines cardiovascular and isometric exercises. The combination of strength training, flexibility, and endurance exercises engages all the muscles in the body allowing you to burn excess fat in the arms, back, thighs, tummy, and legs.


Not yet convinced that pole dancing fitness can help you sculpt the six-pack you deserve? Well, the following pole fitness benefits of pole dancing will give you more reason to enroll in a pole dance fitness center near you.


i)Strengthens bones and joints

Pole dancing fitness reduces the chance of getting osteoporosis. This is because pole fitness moves give you strong bones, connective tissues, and increased joint mobility. It makes you more limber by reducing strain injuries as one has a better grip. Flexibility and strong muscles reduce the likelihood of developing joint pain, neck stiffness, muscle soreness or back pain.


ii)Increases blood flow

Majority of people spend most of their hours sitting down on a computer, pole dancing is a fun way of engaging the muscles in your body. During the workouts, the heart beats at a higher rate promoting good blood flow and hence, a healthy heart and brain.


iii)Builds your confidence

Improved fitness makes you more confident as you are aware of your improved posture and attractiveness. Pole dancing is great for the inner and outer body as it boosts self-esteem and gives you a sense of independence. Learning one pole dance move and working towards mastering another is a sure way of believing in oneself.


iv)Fights stress and depression

Pole dancing sessions take away stress as it is a sensuous workout that releases endorphins hormone. The hormone makes people happier and calmer, thus, one is able to cope with stressful situations.


With pole dancing fitness, one may not realize just how much muscles they are using, but you notice this when you see results. The great part is that pole dance is a fun way to work out, get great result and avoid boring exercises. With pole dancing, the pectoral muscles develop and you get the same or even better results that you would get by doing push-ups. The desire to learn more moves and get a seductive strong physique is a pole fitness motivation that many individuals talk about.


The above are ways on how one is able to build up a six-pack and also enhance their health. Pole dancing is an art and a sport that is changing the lives and bodies of many around the world.


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