What to do when preparing to lose weight

October 17, 2017

In order to lose weight, you have to consult the doctor, incorporate physical activity and turn your eating habit into a healthy and balanced diet.

To lose weight early it is necessary to modify some habits of life. The food habit should be changed and the sedentary lifestyle should be avoided. You also need advice, a talk with a doctor, a professional, consult a nutritionist, and not dazzle with fad diets or miracle thinning programs which are far from favor. The only thing miracle thinning programs do is to harm the health.

Seek medical advice

Overweight and obesity carry innumerable diseases including high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and some others. Therefore, before embarking on the difficult task of losing weight, a doctor needs to do a general check especially before starting to exercise. Since it is important to know if there is any disease or condition that should be taken into account as like heart problems.

Start progressively

Whether it is to eat a diet or to start exercising regularly, it is necessary to go slowly, progressively. Since fundamentally what is involved is to change habits of life and these do not change in a single day or week, it takes time and effort. But it is proven that this is the way that gives more results because it can be maintained in time by which you lose weight. And if it is maintained, it eradicates the famous rebound effect, so common with some diets, in which you lose much hit weight, but it recovers quickly. Therefore, the ideal way is to begin to diet progressively, not only focus on weight loss but also set goals focused on improving overall health, including eating healthy, staying balanced and incorporating regular physical exercise into daily life.

Setting Clear but Achievable Goals

It is very important to be aware of factors such as inheritance. There are aspects of the body that are unmodifiable only with diet and exercise since they are part of the body structure, such as having a lot of hips. Therefore, comparing yourself with other people who have a completely different structure to yours and trying to reach that figure is nothing but the waste of time. Instead of this, it is better to aim to lose a pair of sizes of jeans or to be able to put on a beautiful dress which didn’t fit even a few days ago. That means establishing goals by comparing own self and trying to improve by comparing with own and not with others. In this sense, when you see that you are agiler, you do not lose your breath when running the bus or that when you buy a garment you have to ask for a smaller size,

It is preferable to set small short-term but achievable goals that can lead to healthy transformations in the long term, then to achieve large quasi-impossible enterprises, which can make everything abandoned. The reason is the achievements of large goals are not seen because they are very difficult to reach in a short period of time.

Some recommendations for setting small goals in relation to physical exercise:

  • Walking back from work. If it is too far, getting off from the bus when a few stops are left and walking the best way.
  • Using the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Instead of asking another to reach something that is far away, standing up and getting it for own self.
  • Choosing some physical activity that we like. Currently, there are many activities that are taught in gyms. Those are very fun to do and serve to burn fat in a very entertaining (rhythms such as Reggae ton, salsa, hip-hop, aero box, Tae Bo, Spinning, etc.). The best way to start practicing some kind of exercise frequently is to make sure that you enjoy doing those. Make sure that you don’t do it as an obligation but for pleasure. In this way, you will be able to physical exercise with pleasure and will not look for ridiculous excuses for not doing it.

Some recommendations for setting small goals in relation to food:

  • Eating garnish salad instead of mashed potatoes or fries.
  • If you love sweets, you do not need to ignore those. Eating low-calorie light desserts can be very useful.
  • Not eating is not the solution. You have to look for healthy alternatives with low calories and fill the plate with this type of food.
  • Always having an option of healthy food of low calorie at home, because when hunger attacks, you will eat the first food you will see. Otherwise, you need to go to the supermarket and buy vegetables, wash and cut those, making ready to season and eat, which looks like much harder than eating food which is at hand’s reach. So, it is necessary to keep healthy foods at hand’s reach, especially when you want to eat healthily.


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