The Psychological Impact of Female Beauty

October 14, 2016

When we see someone the first time, the first thing we do is establish a connection between his or her appearance with his or her personality, character, and intelligence. Usually, those who are viewed as attractive are seen as successful in so many aspects of their lives. Specifically, they are perceived as: more intelligent,are in management or creative positions in companies, dating someone new (or their good-looking current boyfriends) every night, driving expensive cars, living inexpensive apartments, enjoy more right-swipes on Tinder, shop clothes every weekend… basically just living life to the fullest, so to speak. The above is the exact summary of what we know to be the psychological impact of beauty.

The thing with these perceptions, though, is that there is something more to them; they can actually lead to a woman’s success. Companies who value hiring highly attractive individuals often have higher revenues compared to those who don’t take emphasis on appearance. Higher revenue in a company, in turn, can possibly lead someone to higher pay and position.And higher pay and position, in turn leads to an increase in social status.


In a word, beauty allows for more options at work and outside of it.


But here’s the thing: it comes with its downsides, like all things.


There are a good number of attractive ladies who view themselves with a perfectionist’s eye. Flaws, like scars, blemishes, or wrinkles, make them panic. The moment they see those imperfections, one can expect them to get to the phone and begin asking around for a dietician, fitness trainer, surgeon, or even new sets of clothes and shoes.

As such, it’s safe to say that self-esteem issues are more common in attractive women than expected. Some will even outright refuse to believe that people see them as attractive. In their minds, everyone is lying to their faces.


Other ladies, particularly those whoare often exposed toothers’ initial reactions to their appearance: as people who have everything because of their looks, often end up seeing themselves as women who are so fortunate to have everything because of their looks and almost nothing else.


Still, there are others who are so averse to the reactions of others that they withdraw. Although this clears their minds of worries, they end up viewed as aloof, snobbish, or even arrogant individuals. The result of this is another problem on top of her original problem, which is the general aversion to others’ reactions.

But what’s often said to be the hardest thing a pretty woman can face is outright rejection. Among fellow females, she often is disregarded, disgraced, and even isolated because her beauty makes her a threat to their friendships and relationships. She is seen as the woman who’s out there to steal their men from them.


Men are also intimidated by her. Even if given the opportunity to present themselves to her, the men will most likely hesitate because they do not see themselves as being enough for her. Also, they will automatically think that she has a boyfriend somewhere out there; someone with social status, looks, and lots of money.

Being beautiful can also hurt the pocket to a degree. Good-looking women spend about a third of their total income to maintain their looks. While it’s a great idea to look great and to take care of one’s overall appearance, a number of these individuals spend more than what they earn on diets, creams, cosmetic surgery, and beauty products, all because of the pressure to look great at all times. They end up literally buying self-esteem.


So what’s the verdict on beauty? It is indeed like everything else: it has advantages and disadvantages. The instinctive response to any social problems posed by one’s looks may be downplaying it to a degree, and while it works, all it does is put the responsibility on the woman to please them no matter what. This is unhealthy.

Rather, one of the best solutions is present oneself as a friendly and approachable person. She should sport a wide smile that reaches the eyes as well as welcoming, open body language. Also, she should show honest appreciation or actual interest in someone’s experiences, hobbies, and accomplishments to help that person overcome the feeling that he or she might be judged.


To deal with self-esteem and self-perception issues associated with beauty, the best thing one can do is to let go and leave perfectionism behind. She mustacceptany bodily changes as time passes and do the best she can with whatever resources she have at the moment to look your best on that day. Also, she needs to constantly remindherself that her looks are just one part of her, and not the overall picture of her.


Lastly, regarding the financial issues connected to her looks, the best thing that can be done to avoid psychological problems associated with money is to find out how she can be beautiful on a budget, and then apply what was researched in her everyday life. A proper, balanced diet composed of healthy meals is often mentioned as a popular budget beauty tip.Another tip that is also mentioned often is the use of human hair extensions.

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